Vernor’s Ginger Ale Diet, 12 oz Can

zero calorie ginger soda, barrel aged 3 years, bold taste, 12-ounce cans

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I won’t buy it again

Vernor’s Ginger Ale Diet, 12 oz Can (Pack of 12)
The standard (non-dietetic) Vernor’s is something special. Unfortunately, because it isn’t available everywhere, I haven’t had it for years. Anyway, if it’s still the remarkable drink that it used to be, its dietetic version version should hang its head in shame. While it’s not the worst soft drink I have ever had (Zevia Cola is) it’s not something I would ever buy again. The difference between the two Vernor’s is the effervescence. The standard has it to an extent unequalled by any other soft drink that I know of. In fact, it’s lack of popularity may be because it’s too strong for most people. However, if you like it, nothing else is as satisfying. The diet Vernor’s, on the other hand, is completely unremarkable in that department. It tastes the same as the Standard, but it just doesn’t have the punch that the standard drink does, and punch is what makes Vernor’s Standard so remarkable.

I’ll have to keep looking. I had settled on Coca-Cola Zero as being the best diet drink, but it seems to me that its taste has changed. I can’t prove that, but it no longer satisfies.

Oh, one more thing about Vernor’s Diet drink. I ordered it on May the 23rd but it didn’t arrive until June the 5th. That’s too long to wait.

JeanelleRaiford, FL