Victor Poison-Free M507 Indoor Fly Trap 2-Pack

Flies that manage to get indoors can be so annoying, not to mention disease-bearing! Catch and dispose of them with this non-poisonous trap which attracts and traps flies indoors. This tower-shaped trap contains patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies.

Quick facts

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  • Indoor fly trap
  • Attracts and traps flies indoors
  • Contains patent-pending 3 dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies
  • Catch and dispose of them with this non-poisonous trap
  • Pack of 2

Top reviews

My flies are immune

This thing was hanging on the window for 2 days, managed to catch only 1 tiny fruit fly…

I’d save your money, these fly catchers don’t work at all. Just clean your house!

PamulaNashua, NH

Excellent product…

These do not ATTRACT flying insects. When used near a light source or an area when flying insects are buzzing around, they work great. I have an issue in my area with those TINY no-see-ems that get right through regular windows screens. They buzz around my computer monitors and are generally a PITA. I hang these traps right under my desklamp and under my ceiling light. The little buggers fly into or land on them. Problem solved!
HopeCluster Springs, VA

Didn’t catch one fly…

We have a terrible problem with flies buzzing around, but this fly trap did not catch one fly! We have two set up near the doors, where the flies are and after a week – not one fly has been caught. After reading the other reviews, I will try to put them near a light to see if that helps.
LaurineThayne, WY

They just don’t work

I used these, hanging them very close to my swarm of flies, for about two weeks. The swarm of flies seemed to like about two feet off the ground above a Persian rug. I had about 10 flies. In two weeks, these TWO traps collected one fly, while the other ~9 just swarmed around and refused to leave or die.

The flies popping into my house lately are different from the buzzing house fly I grew up with. The bzzzzzz house fly I can swat pretty easily. These new flies are silent and fast moving and not interested in ever landing on something. They are also long-lived.

I tried schmalyn’s recommendation and moved them around, even left on one the floor where they were swarming. Still no luck.

I do not rec these traps.

Afterward I got the SUPER sticky strips that you unroll. My flies were too smart for that stuff too, but if I waved them around I could catch flies in the air with the extreme stickiness that doesn’t exist on these Victor traps.

BernardineDexter, KY

have to figure out where to put it

These didn’t work for me for a few days until I figured out the secret: you have to put them RIGHT where the flies go. (You also have to ignore the sad little buzzing sounds when the flies are dying…) In my case, I moved the trap around during the day depending on where the light was. Sunny kitchen? stood it on the countertop. Overnight? put it right next to a light that was attracting the flies. Once I did this, after days of no flies on the traps, I woke up to discover 14 flies stuck the next morning. Flies were eradicated completely. I’m ordering these again the next time I have a problem.
GuillermoOsseo, WI

Prettier fly traps

I chose these fly traps because they are poison free and look much nicer than the fly strips, a la gas stations and such.
They work well, but actually not as well as just mentioned ugly fly strips, so your choice. easy to use, easier than fly strips…just hang them up. rough way to go, but the flies are just too much.
HedyRupert, WV

Do Not Waste Money or Time

What a joke of a product! Been up for a week, in well lit area right at back door where the flies swarm in. One would think by now a fly would of accidentally landed on it. But none. We have swatted at least 50 in that time span all around rear slider. It appears this repels flies rather than attracts. Luckily it is not too expensive or I’d really be upset. Go with ANY other product, or trust me, the flies in your home will be safe to drive you nuts!
AdelinaMerrifield, MN

Works Great on gnats around small animal cages

We always have a box or 2 of these fly traps around for use around the guinea pig cage. I place them on top of the cage to attract the gnats we deal with seasonally. It seems like something about the color really attracts them, as the traps become quite full. When I tried the same shape traps without the color, the effect was much less. As a sticky side becomes full, I turn the four sided trap over to expose the next clean side. The gnats come from outside and are attracted to the guinea pig’s litter and hay. To keep the gnats from taking over I keep the cage as clean as possible to prevent eggs from hatching and keep the traps on top of the cage. They have been a wonderful tool for our household.
AdelineWilliamsburg, IN

My flies aren’t the least bit interested…

They’re sticky, all right, but the “patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors” must be designed for more sophisticated flies than we have around here. They are prettier than disgusting curly fly paper, though.

The only trap I have found effective is the Victor “Fly Magnet” series, which use powdered bait you mix with water. They really work – but are far too foul-smelling to use indoors.

KimiTulsa, OK

They do NOT work.

I have lots of flies in my house. I set up the two traps. They have been up for three days and have caught a total of four flies. I will stick with fly tape.
FeliceRussiaville, IN

Great for sticking on your dog’s tail but for little else!

We caught one fly for the cost and time of hanging the trap. I think it just got tired and picked the wrong place to rest. The strips on the trip “traps” your purse strings and nothing else – save your money!

P.S. I just tossed the 2nd trap from the pack into the trash unused.

DotSandown, NH

Don’t Buy!

dont waste your money. this is a piece of junk. I could have saved myself the $9 and just have drawn a picture of a fly on a post it note. Tons of flies where it is hanging but none on the trap!!!
DonetteElmer, NJ

Nor pretty not effective

I had mine setting in my den and my kitchen, the two places flies like to annoy me. They’ve been set up for a week now and not one fly did they catch. I would imagine that in a place where you have hundreds of flies flying around one would land on it sooner or later. But when you only get up to 5 flies at any one time the trap holds no appeal to the fly at all. And the topper is they paint dead flies already on the trap making it look even uglier. What was the plan there? The fly was to say to himself, “Hey a dead fly. I think I’ll go land there to see what he died of.”
TressaLoogootee, IL

Freedom from Mosquitos

Excellent and cost effective way to get rid of mosquitos. I keep the traps outside under a covered awning and let it do its magic. The backyard area is enjoyable once more.
DaniellSaratoga, NC