Victory Golden Monkey Bottle 750ml

Enchanting and enlightening, this golden, frothy ale boasts an intriguing herbal aroma, warming alcohol esters on the tongue and light, but firm body to finish. Exotic spices add subtle notes to both the aroma and flavor. Strong, sensual and satisfying.

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Spanked by the Golden Monkey – 4.5 stars

Imbued with a signature hoppiness and a 9.5% ABV that numbs the senses, this triple golden ale is one of many excellent brews associated with the Victory brewing company. If I was going to eat a meal with this ale, I would probably chose a spicy chicken Thai or Indian dish. This is an excellent American microbrew worthy of praise. Moreover, at $7 for a 750 ml corked bottle, you can’t go wrong! Highly recommended…
HoytSlatersville, RI