Vienna Hot Giardiniera 16oz

VIENNA ® HOT GIARDINIERA 16 OZ The official Hot Giardiniera of the Chicago style Hot Dog 16 oz container. Giardiniera is not only fantastic on Vienna® Beef Italian Beef sandwiches, but it’s also great with eggs, in omelets, or as topping for pizza or pasta salads. Some people even like to put it on their Polish sausages and Hot Dogs. From the Italian word giardiniere, meaning gardener, this hot condiment is bursting with flavor. Blended sport peppers, carrots, celery, red bell peppers, olives and banana peppers, steep them in a brine and pack it all in pure olive oil. Also available in mild.

Quick facts

  • Vienna hot Giardiniera
  • Ideal for barbecue
  • Hot pepper

Top reviews

This is the BEST giardiniera ever

Don’t get any other one. I ordered this one and its the right one. Its the authentic one that is used for the italian beef sandwich and it makes such a big difference whether you put this or not on your sandwich. Taste great.
JonathonBethel, DE

Peppers were very dry

The peppers were very dry because the oil came in the box and not in the jar.
I would not purchase this item again.
NoreneCoolville, OH

Awesome Peppers

These peppers are wonderfull! My wife and I really enjoy italian beef and we recently discovered these peppers as an ingredient and i cant believe the differnce it makes in the flavor. These peppers are an easy way to make your favorite foods better with no real effort on your part. You just get to sit back and enjoy.
BenitaMoulton, IA