Vietnamese Coffee Beans | 32 Ounces | Dark Roast | Potrero Tea Company

Premium Arabica beans selected from the high mountainous regions of Vietnam where local climates and farming traditions have delivered superior crops for more than a century. Our Dalat Arabica beans are roasted using traditional methods to produce rich, dark flavors paired with distinct aromas and hints of cocoa. Dalat dark roast coffee is rich in flavors and excellent for espresso or French press drinks.

Quick facts

  • Authentic Vietnamese dark roast Coffee (whole beans)
  • 32 oz / two pounds
  • Makes great espresso drinks
  • Grown in the high mountainous regions of Vietnam.

Top reviews

Like I’m back in Saigon!

Delicious, heavily roasted (almost charred) beans that are very similar to the coffee I had in Vietnam.
When iced, served with cream (or sweetened condensed milk) you will swear you are back in Saigon!
AlanaPangburn, AR