Vigo Sardines in Oil with Lemon, 4.375-Ounce Cans

Imported. Product of Spain.

Quick facts

  • Sardines in olive oil
  • Easy to open
  • High protein
  • Lemon flavor

Top reviews

Salty, Not Hot at all as expected

I am so disapointed with this buy….
These sardines are so over salted and no even hot at all…
So scally and smells funny….
I bought 2 packs of these and ended up giving it to my friends
who have thesame coment as I….
I am still looking for the one perfect or if not, at least near perfect
“HOT” sardines around…. Amazon has the best deal by far….
SariElkton, TN

flavorful, delicious, amazing

recently, my husband brought home one can of salt-free sardines in water (can’t remember they type, but none of the brands listed here). i had been watching the BBC Blue Planet series recently, and all that footage of sardine feasting by the various ocean predators must have lodged somewhere in my subconsciousness, because i eyed his can of sardines for 2 days before i could take it no longer, and i just wolfed it down by myself (so selfish- i know). Even though i have always liked canned sardines, i just had stopped eating them years ago due to my unfounded fears about mercury levels (turns out sardines have among the lowest levels in the ocean for an omega-3 rich fish), and just plain laziness/ life getting in the way/ other things to eat….anyway, i digress.

i looked on amazon and found a case of reese skinless boneless saltless in water (my husband is on a health kick), and roland skinless boneless saltless in water–both the cheapest on subscribe and save. after ordering these two cases, i thought, well- i actually like oil packed. As an accommodation to my salt-avoiding husband, i also ordered the crown prince brisling oil/no salt. BUT, just to round out my midnight sardine buying spree (that one can- or maybe the Blue Planet series- really wet my appetite, i guess), i also ordered these Viga oily, salted, skin and bone fish for myself.

ok. well. i’ve eaten nearly (my husband stole some of one can as i was scarfing) 4 cans of the viga since yesterday when i got the shipment….. i know it’s not good to have too many omega-3s, so i’ll try to control myself now. But, YUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!! i went back on-line today, and ordered what turns out to be the last case… sorry folks. i’m really hoping Amazon brings these back. i can’t believe how delicious these Viga lemon are. the slice of lemon (in the can, as noted by one reviewer) is similar to the moroccan preserved lemon (i love moroccan food)-very soft, very mild, nearly sweet lemon slice. the flavor of the fish is a thing wonderously oily and richly satisfying- as only skin and bone can add, i believe. Although I also liked all the other sardines i bought, the no oil, no salt, no skin and no bones….well, it’s a health thing i guess- but i prefer those with hot sauce or onions or mustard, etc…. the reese and roland also tasted like tuna in a can- not bad for that kinda thing- i was thinking i’d need to actually mix them with mayo for a sardine-fish sandwich – again, not bad- still feels good after eating, but not something quite i’m craving– unlike this viga with lemon. i think i could eat this everyday, easily. quite delicious. Re: the brisling crown prince variety, i think those who like the size/shape and lightly smoked “traditional” flavor will like the crown prince.

I enjoyed one review (can’t remember which sardines) from a guy who mentioned that he started his cat on sardines, and that his cat is like a “new cat.” I love these so much— i wonder if i’ll become like a new cat?

anyway, if you like, as another reviewer said, “the real thing,” i would highly recommend these. Since i’m not an expert on spanish sardines, i just don’t really know if these are not as complex as yet another reviewer noted (see other non-lemon Viga reviews)- but, all my Viga cans and boxes were clean with expiration dates (unlike the reese) and, i thought they were just super scrumptious fabutastic. if these are the less flavorful /less complex types of spanish sardines, i really will make an effort to try other varieties!

NatividadOtis Orchards, WA

Flavor and value PLUS

Vigo Sardines in Oil with Lemon, 4 3/8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 10)
I have tried many sardines over the years. Most of them are very high in sodium and high cholesterol. Quite a few of the inexpensive brands have large chunks of sardines that are also bland to the taste.
The Vigo in oil with lemon fits the bill. They are packed 3-4 per can but the flavor is very good! They are low sodium and somewhat lower in cholesterol than many that I have tried. The price is right and delivery fast. I recommend them.
SilvanaAmagansett, NY

Skinny, Boney, and Juicy (Lemon That Is)

In the politically correct age in which we live, “skinless and boneless” sardines have invaded supermarket shelves promising an appropriate and civilized eating experience. If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. These are the real thing. And as they are definitely the anthesis of skinless and boneless, I guess we need to name them for what they really are, tell it like it is, and refer to them as skinny and boney. While this may sound a bit rough around the edges, well, what the heck.

Before going any further I have to disclose that I eat sardines every day for lunch. I’ve tried `em all, and these plump pilchards are right up there among the best.

Generally I’ve operated from the premise that Portuguese sardines are superior, but these are increasingly expensive and sometimes hard to find. So when the local gourmet food store forgot to place my order I looked for an alternative and came across this Spanish substitute. At this juncture my knowledge of geography stood me in good stead as I realized that the Atlantic waters off of Portugal are contiguous with those of Spain, and clearly the fish know no boundaries in between. How different therefore could they be at less than one third the price?

This seemed too good to be true and when I noted that they are packed in a combination of soy and olive oil rather than olive oil alone, my suspicions were aroused. Subsequent research into the matter uncovered the finding of the American College of Chest Physicians that soy oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. Sardines themselves are rich in these most beneficial substances so immersing them in more of the same could only seem to make a good thing better. And, with the addition of lemon (a real lemon slice right in the tin) the eater also benefits from the intake of vitamin C.

Anyway, to cut to the chase I’ll simply say that these fish taste great.

I do, however, perform a quick dissection prior to indulging.

AndreFarnhamville, IA

Price great and taste fine, presentation not so much.

My sardine benchmark is the Matiz product where you get really plump sardines packed three to a can with no wiggle room and the heads and tales are cut off.

Here, I get four sardines with extra room (so the fish are smaller) and the tails still on and some partially dissolved organic goop on top which had me worried until I figured out it must be the lemon.

I really didn’t like looking at these sardines, but I was hungry and I’ve got ten cans of these, so I pretended to be a penguin at the zoo and wolfed them down as fast as I could. They actualy taste pretty good.

Nine cans to go, and quickly.

SuzyAlger, OH

Sardines were Excellent

What can i say about sardines? Well these were good ones, lot’s of fish and oil with a touch of lemon and easy to open too.
PhyliciaDefuniak Springs, FL

Finally, Spanish sardines at an affordable price

I spent considerable time in Spain and became accustomed to the fine tinned seafood from Galicia. These sardines fit the bill. They are not the tiny brisling sardines, but larger fish. While olive oil is better, the oil used for these is deliciously light. I add a squeeze of lemon juice to enhance their delicate flavor. I’m hooked again.
JulesScott, MS

Yum. Very.

Large and firm. Headless, gutted, boneless and mostly tail-less.
More than just a hint of lemon. Flavorful.
I could wish that the bones had been left in as I value them for the calcium. But perhaps they’d be a bit too rugged for brawny sardines like these? I’d also love to see a version of these in spring water but the oil is remarkably light. I’ve really no complaints at all since I ordered these for a very tasty B-12 boost.
My cat doesn’t like the lemon… -shrug- That much more for me!
HaiOnward, IN

You won’t throw these back!!!

Tasty and good size these sardines are great! Loved the lemon slice and was surprised the oil was as good as it was since I usually prefer olive oil. An excellent value. I would definitely buy these again.
DaleRuidoso, NM

Good value

These sardines are quite inexpensive and I thought the flavor was good. My 10-pack had two sardines to a can, making these the largest sardines I’ve eaten. Generally I prefer the feel of the smaller sardines like the Crown Prince Brisling varieties, but those are much more expensive and I also find that they are a bit too heavily smoked. These are lighter in flavor, and the subtle taste of lemon is nice. I will likely order these again.
GilbertNapier, WV

Delicious and they smell a lot better than most

I purchased the Vigo Sardines in oil with lemon based on the reviews in Amazon. They are quite good. The Sardines are tender and there is a bit of actual lemon in the can. I love the fact that they smell a lot better than sardines I am used too. From what I have read the difference is that these fish are canned soon after they are caught. I usually have them for lunch at work and my office does not begin to smell like a fish market. The fish have an almost salmon like color on the inside which is visually appealing. I have already purchased 20 more tins! And the price is right.
CathieNorth Prairie, WI

Good sardines

A little bony but not too bad.. not that lemony to me. Nice big sardines. Bargain priced and overall very good.
FayMason, TX

OK product. Not in olive oil though.

Product information says it’s in olive oil — not so; it’s soy oil, which is very different indeed (far less attractive: soy oil isn’t healthy; olive oil, naturally, is). Other than that, it’s very tightly packed with fish, and the fish is very firm (I’ve never seen such hard sardines). The taste is nothing special, not smokey as sardines usually are. Someone below says it’s boneless — the guy must be blind, ’cause it’s very much with bones (as canned sardines should be). Overall, it’s an OK product but not quite as good as I expected. I may or may not reorder.
LailaTescott, KS

Made in Morocco

I ordered these sardines from Spain for several years. With a real piece of lemon in each can, these sardines were great.
The last batch shows sardines are made in Morocco now, and quality is is by a notch lower.
On top of it, the package had one or two cans crashed with oil damaging the whole pack. Lower quality of cans, perhaps.
I will try other brands before coming back to ordering these ones.
OteliaPrinceton, NC

Used to be great….

I love sardines, and I believe that the best sardines are the one from Portugal….but the one from Spain are pretty close. I bought these before, when they were made in Spain. Not anymore, now are made in Morocco, but of inferior quality compared to Season’s… Definitely a big drop in quality, the flavor is different…This purchase was the last one, I will not buy them again.
ShamikaDouble Springs, AL