Vincotto Vinegar, Fig Selection – Pack of 3

Fig Vincotto is a versatile vinegar. This unique vinegar enhances simple salads and adds depth to meat marinades. Vincotto Fig is crafted by the infusion of fig after the third year of vinegar aging. Mere drops can be used as a condiment over roasted meats, carpaccio, grilled fish, soups, cheese, sorbets, fruit salad and many other desserts. Try this over hot pasta, toasted walnut pieces and wilted rocket; or drizzled on barbecued or roasted lamb served with couscous and salad. It’s also a nice choice drizzled over grilled or barbecued fish. Fig Vincotto promotes vanilla ice cream to gourmet status.

Quick facts

  • Wonderful elixir
  • the flavors of balsamic vinegar
  • enriched with luscious fig
  • serve with salads, meats, fruits
  • 250 ml x 3

Top reviews

Can’t live without it!

Love this product, but it’s a bit expensive. I try to stretch as much as possible. I buy in a local place. It’s all I add to my salads.
MayeDora, AL


Unlike many vinegars, this one does not have the “sting” attached to the flavor. It has a deep full flavor with just enough sweetness. The only thing I want on my salads besides oil. Great drizzled on tomatoes. I haven’t tried it on vanilla ice cream yet, but I like it so much I am going to. The only flavored vinegar you’ll ever need to buy. Accept no substitutions. (I am not an employee of vincotto!) I seldom rave about any product, but this one is good.
LaurieWoodland Park, CO

Great product

I have used this product for many years and was delighted that it was carried by Amazon. It is superb for salad dressings but it is delicious enought to use on a salad without oil. The delivery was prompt and I would deal with this seller again.
JesusFaith, SD