VIP Products Tuffy’s Alligator Dog Toy

Gary Gator– is the toy that won’t bite back. Soon to be your dog’s best friend. Fun for every dog. When your dog is tired he makes a great pillow. Sure to be a classic, the Alligator is cute enough for your kid, yet strong enough for your dog, as durable and tough as the real thing. Each Sea Creature toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.

Quick facts

  • Vet recommended and approved
  • World’s Tuff”est soft toy”
  • For all sizes of dogs
  • Machine washable, air dry and they float

Top reviews

Aligators and “Boxers”

Length:: 0:16 Mins

u didn’t guess is quite an enthusiastic guy when it comes to play time. Since Teddy is so playful it’s hard for him to find toys that will be able to stand up to all the wear and tear. So…. if you have a dog and are looking for toys that can stand up to even the toughest dogs I recommend these (especially the aligator – the company who makes these tests them on lions! Yes LIONS so I’m thinking if it can stand up to that it’ll most likely be able to withstand a dog.) PS check out the “tuff scale” rating to see how durable each VIP toy is.

DuaneTuckasegee, NC

Had high hopes, but very disappointed

I’ve made it a mission to find a plush dog toy that will last for more than a day or two. I became very excited when I read the description for this dog toy – layers and layers of material and rows upon rows of stitching. My dog is not a chewer, but he does like to shake his toys while he’s playing with them. This one lasted less than 10 minutes before his front canine tooth went right through one of the legs. It was all over after that. I have to say though, the stitching does seem to be very good around the edges and if you have a dog that likes to chew the arms and legs, ears and noses off of his toys, this may hold up for a little while. However, when a company uses words like ‘extreme durability’ and ‘world’s tuffest dog toy’, I base my purchases on those descriptions- especially when buying on the Internet. I just wish this toy had lived up to those descriptions.
GenovevaRoyston, GA

Tuffy’s dog toys are superb!

I have at least 10 “Tuffy” toys and they are all sizes and shapes, with some have squeekers. I have 5 dogs, 3 labs and 2 misc. mixed breeds. These dog toys are so great, the only thing my dogs have been able to do is unravel a small area, which did not affect the toy as they are repeatedly reinforced. Every other toy I have purchased and wasted money on, my dogs have destroyed. These are expensive, but are well worth the money, because they last! Remember, I have had 3 rescued (unstable) Labs!!!!
I would stick with the ones that have a lot of black stitching (octopus, alligator, boomerang) and not so much animals with filling lamb, bull,etc), as the material they use for the first ones, the body and seams is very strong. They also have a rating of strength, if you want to look that up, 1-10, 10 being the toughest.
VoncileBrighton, MA

Well-Made Toys

My just-turned-two-year-old lab loves these toys! She does eventually bite through all the layers and rip out the stuffing, but she then enjoys the carcasses just as much. She loves to play tug, fetch, and keep away with them, and just chews them for quiet time, too. I like that they are pretty hardy, but something soft to give her mouth a break from the REALLY hard plastic bones that she also chews.
BeatrisGilead, NE

Great Dog Toy

I am really happy with the Tuffies Ultimate Sea Creature Alligator dog toy. I have a lab that loves to tear her toys apart. This is one toy that she hasn’t been able to tear apart. I will definitely buy more Tuffies toys for my dog. She really enjoys playing with the Alligator that she got for Christmas. She picks it out from all her toys to bring it to me to play with her. Thank you for making good quality dog toys.
RegeniaPlymouth, MI

Great toy but my Rottweiler still destroyed it.

We have a one year old 100 LB Rottie. He ripped off the legs and i stitched them close. He still got in there and pulled out the stuffing. We ended up with a flat gator that lasted a few months.
MieshaWilsons Mills, NC

It’s Great for Power Chewers When They Are Puppies

This toy is not tough enough for power chewer ADULTS of breeds like Pits, Rotties, German Shepards.

But it was great when my Rottie was a puppy. Once he reached 6 mos he destroyed it.

MeriHadar, NE

My dogs FAVORITE toy!

I have a 4 month old Doberman puppy, and as you know, a teething puppy needs alot to chew on. He has many toys, including a tuffy pig, but this alligator is his absolute favorite. He likes to basically “hug” it while chewing its head. Like some other posts had already warned, he did manage to make a hole in the top of the toys mouth, which, now is a stuffing dispenser. But none the less, he love, love, loves it! His joy is such that picking up the stuffing is worth the trouble to me. After all, once he got most of it out of the head, the mess slowed down considerably. It took him about a month to make the hole(and extract the squeeker as well) but even with this damage though, it is still very useable and I expect it to last another couple months. When the time comes I will definately replace this toy. Though it is not absolutely indestructable, it is still a good buy compared to other toys on the market.
AdelaMorgantown, IN

Do not get if you have an active chewer

I had purchased this toy since they said it was durable for active chewing dogs. However, my 11 month old German Shephard/ Retriever tore this thing up in less than five minutes. I would recommend this for a dog that doesnt tear up its toys as it is cute and has two squeeky’s in its mouth.
RobinRowe, MA

Tuff Toys

I’m so glad I found this Tuffy line of dog toys. I have two boxers who love soft toys…but until now, I haven’t been able to indulge them because they destroy most stuffed toys within a few minutes. Not these Tuffy’s – I purchased several of them, all with ratings between 7-10, and after two months of daily chewing and play, my dogs have been unable to tear a seam, rip off a limb, or destroy these toys. The only signs of wear and tear appear on the sea creature alligator where one of my dogs has been methodically targeting the decorative “scales” along the top of the toys back. Still, while a little frayed, this toy is holding up well to the abuse. I finally just trimmed the stringy parts with a pair of scissors and the toy is back in business.

My dogs prefer the animal/creature shapes to the gears and rings. I’m just happy to have stuffed toys to give my dogs to play with — a nice departure from nyabones and kongs. I still supervise my dogs while playing with these toys. But I’m so impressed by the durability that I’ve actually started leaving one of the mega tuffys in my dogs crates when I have to run out for quick errands (an hour or two). Make sure you check the durability rating to find what’s suitable for your dog. I couldn’t be more pleased…highly recommend.

EdmundManawa, WI

Strong Chewers Rip It Apart, Pull Out Stuffing

My dog swung this around and “killed it” several times then proceeded to find the weak spots (around mouth, sewing on back, etc.)and ripped it open. He then pulled the stuffing out. I just kept throwing the stuffing out. I tried resewing it, but this didn’t last long. He has had great fun tearing the empty cover/skin apart piece by piece. The whole disemboweling and tearing to shreds has taken awhile and he had fun doing it. Thus the 2 stars. I do think that an alledgedly “tuff” product should last longer than it did. The first tears happened within minutes. There are far too many weak spots.
AdeleSea Isle City, NJ

Ripped apart in less than 2 hours!

This toy should not be called Tuffy at all. My dog tore it apart in two hours. He loves the toy, so I gave it two stars, but I have already restuffed and sewed it back together three times. A great toy to destroy, but who wants to keep paying for toys that last less than a few hours? I do not recommend if your dog is a chewer like mine.
LaurenJackson, CA

These toys last 10 minutes

Seriously, we bought a pack of two and our chocolate lab chewed through it in less than 10 minutes. We got our money back, but never again!
IllaTappen, ND

5 on the “Tuff scale” and still going strong!

My 45 pound pup’s relationship with stuffed toys (Kong wubba & Hartz tuff stuff) used to be: I give her the toy. she tears open a small hole and meticulously removes most of the stuffing. She’d then bring me the newly limp toy when she gets to the squeaker. I’d remove the squeaker, hand it back so she can finish the job. We’d then play with the toy as rope, or a fairly tough scrap of material until it finally would fall apart completely about a month or so later.

Then… I discovered this Alligator. I doubted that the 5 out of 10 rating would be high enough with her destuffing history, but I didn’t want to pay SO much money for the higher numbers if they were just going to be the same deal. Also some of the higher tough rating toys can get a bit heavy. This is the perfect size for my dalmatian-sized dog to flip around, wrestle with and carry around. It’s been months- at least 6 now- and my pup has only managed to take a small bit out of Alligator’s forehead. I am amazed. I am on Amazon right now to get her another… not because this one is failing, but because she has this toybox sitting here with her old gross toys looking so ratty compared to the Alligator… 🙂

I do with they would put the “tuff scale” in their description so I wouldn’t have to keep flipping back and forth through their site, though.

VonDarlington, IN

This toy has an 18 hour life span

This toy was an instant favorite with our golden retriever. But he managed to tear open the top lip of the gators mouth within 8 hours, pull out all the stuffing and squeaker. All the stuffing was out of the back of the gator by the next morning. And there is a lot of stuffing (in order to make it so rugged).

We gave it a 2 star rating, only because the dog LOVED it…but it didn’t even last a day. They should make metal dog toys or something…this dog is a demolition dog.

JamiSolana Beach, CA

Tuffy Toys are the Best

I have a 4 year old APBT and he absolutely loves to chew on toys & carry them around with him… he’s more like a young child in the oral fixation stage. The gator is one of his favorites. While the areas with the squeakers don’t usually last long, the toys themselves last for months. Now, it’s all dependant on your dog too, because my brother’s pit obliterates the toys, but these still last longer than any other dog toy I’ve been able to find.
JameyMont Clare, PA

Great toy for dogs

I love this Gary the Alligator toy because my large dog has not been able to rip him apart yet and it isn’t from lack of trying.

Great toy for dogs!!!!!!!!

SallyElkton, SD

Not tuff at all

My flat coated retriever, who is a chewer, went through this toy in five minutes. She ripped off one leg and bit through the snout of the alligator. We were Very disappointed.
CecileSugar City, CO


I recently order a gary gator tuffy toy for my dog. I am very disappointed and annoyed with this toy! While the body of the gator is pretty indestructible and can withstand tug-a-war, the mouth (which is not reenforced with stitching and is composed of cheap material) is completely destructible. After 2 tug-a-war sessions, the stitching and fabric on the sides of the mouth have come apart. Luckily my dog was not able to get the squeaker out of the gators mouth, but some of the stuffing did come out. And now I have an expensive toy that has the body intact, but because the mouth is ripped apart and there is stuffing coming out everywhere, I can no longer use it. I am extremely disappointed, especially because this toy costs so much. What a waste of $20 dollars! The other Tuffy may be better because they don’t have open mouths, but DON”T BUY THIS ONE! I sent the company an email to see if they will refund or send me a different Tuffy, I’ll keep you updated to see if they are willing to resolve the matter, since a believe in buying merchandise from companies that are ethical and you may too:)
GuadalupeGlenham, SD

Tough but where are the squeakers

My French bulldog hasn’t been able to tear it,but,I can hardly make it squeak and he hasn’t yet either. It hasn’t slowed him down on it, but he does like squeaky toys. Maybe it will soften up a bit and start squeaking. And,he is a small dog and this is almost as big as he is. Other than that, it has been a winner.
ShawndaAmity, PA

Not so tuff

My dog loves to chew so we were excited to try these toys. Unfortunately, it was only 5 days until it was de-stuffed and in small pieces.
CalistaBath, ME

Really IS a tough toy!

We have a boxer and a border collie. The boxer in particular is a very tough on toys, and truly enjoys ripping and de-stuffing them. Normally we are left with “pelts” from plush toys in a matter of minutes.

We bought the Tuffies lobster and alligator last year for Christmas for the dogs. We did not expect them to last so long! Both toys are 11 months old now. The lobster has nearly reached the point to be thrown away – all the legs are gone, but the body is still intact. The alligator is only missing the very tip of his tail.

The best part about these toys is that since the dogs have learned they cannot destroy them, they have become a more interactive toy for tugging and fetching.

I highly recommend this toy for dogs that like to destroy their toys – this is the first plush toy we have had to last more than a week – its going strong after 11 months and still a favorite!

KathleenIrene, SD

not so tuff

It took our 7 month old lab pup about three days to destroy this toy
StantonGreenbackville, VA

Tough toy for avid chewers

I have two dogs that love to destroy their stuffed animals. Looks like this one is going to last longer.
EliseNolan, TX