Vita-Gravy Salmon Cat, 8 oz.

Vita-Gravy has antioxidants to support the immune system and 16 essential vitamins and minerals for the overall good health of your pet. The dog formula also has 1000 mg of linoleic acid per serving. A source of omega 3 and 6 EFA’s to promote healthy skin and coat. The cat formula also has taurine, and pineapple and yucca pulp aiding in the reduction of hairballs. Both formulas have a rice flour base and are low in sodium and fat. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, animal by-products, chemicals or preservatives. Dosage: Dogs; 1 tablespoon per 10 lbs. Cats; 1 tablespoon per 1/2 cup of cat food.

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Great! But NOT for super finicky cats

Wanted to love Vita Gravy with an older, HIGHLY quirky, highly finicky cat about everything, one with mood swings and who’s probably lost her mind. Despite this cat loving gravy more than wet food she completely ignored/turned up her nose at this product, wouldn’t go near it. The other cats, however, this was like smack to them and they couldn’t wait for another hit, but mind you they didn’t need it as I was buying this because the one finicky cat was refusing to eat. In short it’s great for most cats and I’m sure it’s a good product, that said, if you’re buying this as a last resort because you have a choosey cat who’s not eating don’t buy bulk, try one and see if it’ll work.
ShawandaWakenda, MO

My cat actually ran away

Both cats turned up their noses at the chicken-flavored version of this, but when I opened the Salmon flavor, my feral queen gave an alarmed “Bip!” and fled, tail streaming out behind her. Fluffypants wouldn’t eat it, but he didn’t act like I was trying to poison him, either. That’s two tries, two flavors, two cats, no takers.
DeborahDuke, OK

Kitty isn’t pleased

I was really hoping this would work, as I have a very old kitty who doesn’t eat enough, but he wouldn’t touch this stuff. If anyone knows of a vitamin gravy that cats LOVE, I’d really like to know about it. I feel bad giving something a poor review, but it’s not coming from me, it’s coming from my cat. If it helps take the sting off, my possum likes it…but he can only have very tiny amounts due to their strict dietary requirements. I’ll give it 3 stars since the possum was interested.
CharleenSaunemin, IL

Vitagravy Saved My Cat’s Life!

Our cat Oskar is 16+ years old. We don’t know exactly how old, he was estimated by the vet to be about 3 years old when my wife got him 14 years ago.

About 18 months ago we thought he was going to die when he became quite sick. The vet didn’t hold out much hope for him and we aren’t really in a position to spend a ton of money on tests and medication to extend the life of an already quite old house cat. We brought him home, resigned that it was really just a matter of time and we would do what we could to keep him comfortable.

We decided to give Vitagravy a shot after seeing it in a local pet store. We mix a few drops in his food every day. His improvement was visible and steady from the second or third day.

Today, Oskar looks and acts like a much younger cat. People who see him are amazed to learn that he is nearly old enough to vote. I think without a regular dose of Vitagravy, he would have passed months ago.

AlfredoBenton, MS

Happy Cats

I have four cats and have been using this product for years. It seems to work for them.
TelmaHuntsville, UT

What the heck is “vegetarian salmon flavor broth”?

It’s the main ingredient in this supposedly “no artificial flavors” product for cats. Cats aren’t vegetarians! And they don’t recognize this stuff as food, either. There’s no meat or meat protein in this weirdly pink-colored, all vegetables and fruits, non-cat-friendly goop. Mine just looked at me funny and walked away when I offered it to them. Google this and check the ingredients list before you buy this for your cat–and then don’t.
FrancescaSandy Level, VA

Cats say “No Thanks”

I bought two different flavors of Vita gravy, and I couldn’t get either of my cats to even take a lick of them, despite how I served them. I tried to put some on their dry food, they actually didn’t eat for hours until I replaced it with just dry food. I tried offering it up solo, to no avail. And I put some on a bit of lettuce, but they still wouldn’t take the bait.

I imagine it smells like plastic to them, but both my cats don’t go near it after smelling Vita Gravy. I can understand Allstar not liking it – he’s… special (which is why I call him “Allstar”). He’s squeamish and weird and he only eats his regular food in small portions throughout the day; never more than a couple of bites at once. If I offer him wet food, he just licks the gravy from that and leaves the meaty portion to Agnes.

Agnes, on the other hand, is a 20 lb vacuum. I’ve had to pull string out of her anus because she ingested it and couldn’t quite push it out of herself. Come to think of it, she doesn’t mind chewing on plastic either, so I’m not sure what about Vita Gravy is so unappetizing to her, especially considering what I’ve shared.

I don’t know if other cats go for it, but I have two VERY different cats of my own and neither will eat Vita Gravy. My advice: Bad buy.

HaroldLucasville, OH

My cat ate it eventually

I purchased the salmon flavor for my cat who needed to increase her liquid intake. Initially she wanted nothing to do with it, but eventually she got used to it. I just put a small squirt on her favorite wet food. I wouldn’t say she goes nuts for the stuff, but at least she doesn’t mind it. But, I can’t say that the vitamin aspect of the gravy seems to have had much of an affect. Maybe her coat is a little glossier, but she’s generally better groomed in summer anyway. The good news is she’s getting a little bit more of the liquid she needs, but this is still only a so-so product at best since cats don’t really like it.
MakedaBusby, MT


I have two cats. One is a Ragdoll and one is a rescue. Both of them like the gravies in canned cat food but they won’t even go near this product…..Turn up their noses and high tail it the other way – can’t even get them near it….tried both containers I ordered thinking it might just be the first one I opened – NOPE, they won’t even touch it……wasted my money on this purchase.
LeonardSlayton, MN

What a deal!

I must administer Lysine to all my cats twice a day. They turn away from anything that tastes funny. This product, added to canned food, works great.
ChandaEnosburg Falls, VT

Loves it!

My new little kitten is very picky on what wet food he eats (texture wise… prefers chunky) unfortunately a lot of brands do not say if they are chunky or that typical/clumpy/pasty stuff. Mixing this with the typical canned food is the ONLY way he’ll eat it.
FaviolaMiddleville, NJ

My two cats just looked and walked away

Sorry, but all my hopes just flew away — the cats were not at all crazy for it – as a matter of fact took one whif and walked away. Not at all like what little gravy is in the canned cat food they usually get and lick every drop up.
EstellaWallsburg, UT