VitaSpelt Organic Elbows Pasta d’Abruzzo, 8-Ounce Boxes

Lighter taste and color! Grain for life. Spelt Elbows: Picture yourself in Italy, enjoying the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of the Abbruzi province, nestled against the Adriatic Sea. As you approach the quaint town of L’Aquilla and gaze at the rugged mountains in the background, you notice fields of grain dancing in the wind. This grain is called spelt, from which this pasta is made, and is known and revered worldwide by food aficionados as the healthy choice for tasty and delectable gourmet cooking. This uniquely delicious and nutritious pasta will please the palates of your most discriminating guests. Enjoy the versatility of our Vita-Spelt pastas and see for yourself why spelt is increasing in popularity all over the world. Made with all natural ingredients. USDA Organic. Certified Organic By: Quality Assurance International.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 8-ounce boxes (total of 96 ounce)
  • 100% organic
  • Cholesterol-free

Top reviews

Wonderful Taste!

Our family decided a long time ago to avoid wheat and also go organic. After trying several options for WHEAT free, in pasta, we landed on Vitaspelt as the best alternative. Tinkyada (spelling?) is a good one also, but this has more texture to it than the rice type pastas and a better flavor. I’d never cook it to the 10 minute mark it gives though. And if using this for mac and cheese – cook a tad less than it calls for in time – maybe barely 6 minutes, then after putting in the hot cheese mixture, placing it in the caserole dish, adding your sliced tomatoes on top – pop it into the oven for yummy home made mac and cheese. No one will ever know this is a wheat free alternative I found any longer than 6 minutes with the added cooking in the oven and it gets too soft. One word of warning with Vitaspelt products – READ the labels as some of them are WHOLE WHEAT & spelt, which takes away from the avoiding wheat. We did not care for the whole wheat (hubby didn’t read the label and bought it by accident)
ShandiSpringerville, AZ

Tastes great!

I purchased this item because of my wheat allergy, but it tastes even better than the semolina elbows that I was using. It cooks up in 7 minutes and even my husband who has no food allergies loves it!
AlaineChaffee, MO