Vogel Herbamare Original

Uses: Food etc.. Therapeutic Use: Food

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Best seasoning salt

I don’t add any purchased salad dressings. Being Greek I follow the greek style salad dressing: olive oil, lemon, salt and herbs in all my salads, not only in the greek salad. I was using fresh and/or dry herbs. And when I found this Herbamare salt I loved it. It has all of the herbs I was adding to my salad, but additional ones that taste great in salads.

You can also add it to your rice, to your vegetables, to your meats, etc, etc. It gives a great, light, pleasant flavor to everything you add it on. It doesn’t have an overwhelming taste.

Everybody that tastes my salads loves them and asks me how I make them. I tell them the secret is the salad dressing. The simpler and most natural the better. I tell them about my Herbamare and now they are all buying it for their salads. And of course, I keep buying.

The best part I like about this product: it is organic!!!!

DeborahClinton, MN

Herbmeal – Herb Seasoning Salt

This herb seasoning salt is very useful for anyone concerned about salt in your cooking. It is made of fresh and organically grown herbs infused into the sea salt. You’ll use less than you would for table salt on your foods. The recipe is from the world famous Swiss Naturopath, Dr. A. Vogel. Herbmeal is completed under a special vacuum process at low temperature. So it is not only healthy but also very delicious. Give it a try and experince it yourself.
MaryaSanta, ID

the best

I use this exclusively in all my cooking…
I don’t understand why the price went up so drastically…
I have many of the ladies I work with that are hooked on this product and they want me to get them more
ClaudHartland, WI

Best all-season salt, hands down… iffy spout!

This is the best all-seasoning salt. Only complaint: the rotating spout on top. It has three positions: pour, sift and closed. The two open setting are so close to the “closed” setting that I always have to take a few extra seconds to visually make sure all holes were covered up… kinda annoying. Even when they are, I don’t feel like this “closed” setting it sealed tight enough to maintain freshness. Wish the lid “snapped” or “slid” closed instead like the smaller packaged versions of this product. Guess I could always transfer salt to another container. Otherwise, salt is highly recommended!
MariPrinceton, IA

My favorite spice

This is the best spice I’ve ever used for my cooking. It used to be sold at Whole Foods. Now it seems to only be available here at Amazon.com. I’m happy as long as I can purchase it somewhere. Thanks!
CristalLoda, IL

This stuff is awesome!

I’ve been using this seasoning for years and it makes food taste great. Good for vegetables, for soups, anything that you’d use season salt on. My kids love it!
JaneanCarey, TX

Tastes great – better for you.

My family loves this stuff. It’s better for you than regular salt, so this is what we use on all of our foods.
SirenaPort Arthur, TX


My family have been using HERBAMARE for 30 plus years.

I personally enjoy it and share it with friends.

FrancieBerger, MO


Excellent Product but isn’t carried on local store shelf. Amazon did a great job at delivering and product is a great seasoning.
LashundaDe Tour Village, MI

good review

Have used this product for many years very pleased with it and will continue to purchase it in the future.thank you!!
EfrenHoly Cross, AK

super product

I first bought these in the small containers – expensive, but I really liked the product. It basically replaces salt in our home, except when I need salt for a recipe. It is very affordable to buy in the large container and transfer to a smaller one for everyday use.
MarioBrainard, NE

Makes veggies yummy

We use this on all our cooked veggies. The kids love it and insist on using it. They are reluctant veggie eaters this helps them enjoy their greens. I’m sure it can be used on lots of things, just need to experiment.
ChrisWeimar, TX