Vue Pack Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Tea for Keurig Vue Brewers-16 Count 2 Pack

32 Vue Cups

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  • 32 Vue Cups

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Brew over ice! Instant sweet tea

I am not a drinker of sweet tea (though a friend of mine years ago made the most incredible tea on her stove and I know it’s an addictive drink. She’d boil up about 10 bags of Luzianne and add sugar after brewing, chill it and it was phenomenal.) But all that sugar is not good for my waistline so I try to avoid it. But once in a while, there is nothing like a glass of it on a hot day.

This tea for the VUE can be brewed right over ice using the Iced Drink setting. How cool is that! If you want a taller glass, remove entirely the black base (it’s three parts–a drain insert, the platform–silver colored, and the black base unit which pulls forward and out with a bit of a tug to come out entirely.) Add ice to the glass, set up the VUE on the touch screen for iced brewing and blammo, tea.

I brewed it 10 oz and that was too much for a glass full of ice (16 oz thermal glass.) I’d suggest brewing 8 oz and it will melt the ice but be cooled, and then you can add more ice as you choose. Note that the sweetness is concentrated at the bottom (I noted the tea brewing in a stream that headed right down the center of the glass of ice) so stir well.

This tea is not bad at all, pleasant flavor of black tea–and it is partially sweetened with Stevia, which is a non-sugar sweetener derived from a South American herb. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners–but stevia is supposed to have beneficial properties and has been used in Japan for years, where saccharine and aspartame were never approved by their version of the FDA. Stevia’s flavor is compatible with tea so this tastes fairly good. Not as good as the syrupy sugary true Southern sweet tea, but this has less sugar and is very convenient.

If you are diabetic, well, sad to say, there IS sugar in this blend, and if you hate stevia, you’ll have a problem as well, but for most people, this would be a welcome cup of iced tea. I did not notice any particular flavor of stevia (in large amounts, it can have a sort of licorice twinge, but even at the bottom where the sugar settled, I noticed no particular flavor.) I think it’s a good compromise in this circumstance, and if you have ice available at your office, you could use the VUE to offer a glass of sweet tea to a guest or have it in your breakroom. And it’s nice for guests at home, when you don’t have a big pitcher of sweet tea handy in the fridge and you want to offer it to a neighbor who stops by.

ClementGore, OK