Wabash Valley Farms Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn, Purple, 6-Pound Bags

Fresh from the farm gourmet popping corn. This premium popcorn is grown specifically for tenderness and taste. You haven’t tasted great popcorn until you pop with Wabash Valley Farms gourmet popping corns.

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Not good

It didn’t work well for me in the microwave. Will not purchase a 2nd time.
MernaMccain, NC

Great product but, wtf?

This popcorn is great. Used an air popper came out awesome really good popcorn. Problem is 8 bucks shipping? WTF? more then 2x the price of the product. It’s not fragile or easily broken. Why so much? Everything by them shipping is majorly overblown and it’s really sad because their products are awesome.
FrankIvor, VA

not sealed

I will not be able to commit on the flavor, because beware this popcorn is not packaged in a safe manner. It come in a plastic bag that is opened at the top, they closed it with a twist tie and nothing else to ensure a sealed closure of the popcorn, anyone can open it at anytime and then reclose it and you would never know it. I tossed it because I would worry if I let my 3 little one eat it that it was contaminated/tampered with.
EarlineSaltville, VA


Popped and tasted fine. The corn is smaller that traditional yellow, so they tend to fly out of an air popper quite a bit. The shipping and handling is what makes this a less than desirable deal. Not worth $10 for 2 pounds of this popcorn.
VasilikiMayville, MI

Awful! Awful! Awful!

I bought this gourmet popping corn believing I was getting better than I can get a my local Trader Joe’s… Wrong It was over priced, the shipping cost almost as much as the corn did and most of all the quality of the corn was terrible. The kernels were tiny and not fluffy when they did pop …mostly they didn’t pop. We could not wait to be done with this product! Also I asked to cancel the shipment before it was shipped because the shipping price was too high and still I got it.
EvelinaCanterbury, CT


This corn pops into small, savory fluffs. The flavor is quiet good on its own, but I like to season with a mix of dehydrated kale, nutritional yeast and Vitamineral Earth. Simply the BEST!
KristinaClinton, AR

Not a popcorn connoisseur

Got these expecting them to be night and day compared to the typical kernels, but it was hard to tell the difference. Awesome price point, and sure to visually pop when prepared infront of guests. Used an airpopper and most popped 🙂
AltonPort Republic, NJ

Fantastic Popcorn!

This popcorn is terrific! It pops up very fluffy but on the smaller side and with a lot less hulls. Has a really great taste to it!
ClemenciaBow, NH

Really good!

This is really good popcorn. It pops up nice and fluffy, and has much more of a “taste” to it than the store brand white popcorn I was using.
LavetaValley View, PA

great popcorn

we just love this popcorn. Works better in our popper than others, and tastes “earthy”. great
TomiMinster, OH

best of the Wabash I tried

Went to the store in downtown Lake Placid. Bought a large bag of the extra-large caramel style, the red, and the purple. My wife and I agree the purple is the best. It is more dense and not chewy at all. It has a richer flavor. The red was second place, great but just not quite as good with poor popping. The extra-large was third. The extra-large was large and popped great, but it lacked the flavor and was slightly chewy. You could see that it would be great for caramel popcorn, but not for simple butter and sea-salt popcorn like we prefer. Still, they were all good.

The correct way to pop: High heat on canola oil in a pot. Add 3 kernels. When they pop, add rest. Cover with spatter shield, this will keep the kernels in but let the steam out.

DeloisChatham, NY

amish country purple popcorn

Love this popcorn. It is the only one we eat at this house! And I guess amazon is the only place I will order it from now on. It would really be great if it were organic.
AnisaCedar Falls, IA


I had tried Wabash Vally Farms popcorn before and sought out a place where I could purchase it online. I can sometimes find it in my area and but only in small quantities. This is by far the best popcorn with few unpopped kernels, less husks and a great flavor. I highly recommend this product. Fantastic!!
LesleySilver Bay, MN

Above Average Gourmet Popcorn

This is a better than average gourmet popcorn. It is the same variety as that sold as Fireworks brand Orchard Harvest, but seems to be a bit crisper after popping and the taste is better. It is nearly hulless, smallish kernels, good flavor. If you prefer “Orville Redenbacher” type flavor, this may not be the popcorn for you. Pops beautifully in a hot air popper. We’ll buy this again.
EllisNewark, OH


Popcorn does pop well (few wasted kernals)and has a good taste. The kernal is somewhat small though not extremely small.
AlitaTimber, OR

Good, but not the best Amish popcorn t ype

It pops into large kernels, but the flavor and texture of this popcorn just isn’t as good as the Baby White from Amish. If you’re looking for the perfect movie theater style popcorn, get the Baby White and skip this one. However, this popcorn isn’t bad and I would prefer it over the grocery store Orville crap. I didn’t have many unpopped kernels but this popcorn has fairly large hulls.
AlineTanacross, AK

Wabash Valley Farms Amish Gourmet Popping Corn

This one in the purple color was very nice. Pops up a very striking white color with purple undertones to it.

Great flavor to it, nice and light. Also for quite a large bag, I was shocked these never seemed to “go stale”.

This was a great purchase to be coupled with the stir crazy popcorn popper!

DiedraRocksprings, TX

Yummy and pretty!

Beautiful popcorn when popped and when sitting on the shelf waiting. It popped both white and yellow making the bowl just look more appealing. The hulls did just explode! It was amazing, I’ve never had popcorn do that before. Great deal, I’m glad we bought the 6 pack. Worked out to about $2/lb. I think some people who gave a bad review must have gotten a bad batch because ours is awesome!
AnnemarieSleepy Eye, MN


This popcorn does all pop. Doesn’t have much taste. I will get the seasoning salt or something and see how it tastes after that. I have poured butter over it but then to me that defeats the idea of diet stuff.
SeritaGlencoe, NM

Fluffy Popcorn

I love this popcorn. It really does pop up nice and light and fluffy compared to the ones I’ve bought in the store.
CariGreenwich, CT

Fantastic Popcorn

This brought memories back to me of a time gone by when my parents raised strawberry shaped popcorn in our vegetable garden. I didn’t think it was still grown! If some one out there would like to try it, I would highly recommend it. Very tender and taste fantastic!
HopeLawndale, IL

Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn – Purple

First experience with Wabash Valley Farms popcorn and it is great. Ordered purple and the baby white at the same time. The purple is superior to the baby white in my estimation. Almost hulless. Very tender. Will order again.
MarybelleAllendale, SC


This popcorn has a good taste and most kernels pop. It’s a good quality taste at a reasonable price but, does not compare to Orville’s at all. It’s good although I would select another in the future.
SherleyCanyon Creek, MT

Delicious popcorn. Prefer the purple variety to the red.

Excellent popcorn. Very tasty and cooks well in the microwave. It is not easy to find black or purple popcorn. I will buy again!
ReathaSandy Ridge, NC

Good similar taste to Jolly Time White kernels

To me the hulls and taste were on par if not slightly better then Jolly Time white kernels. From a price standpoint I will stick with Jolly Time, but that is just my preference.
MaraManning, ND

Tastes Great!

Good quality popcorn! Tastes great, and pops fast. Half a Cup and a little oil can make a big pot of corn. Not much else to say really.
Came packaged well.
ZandraMill Valley, CA

good corn

This pop corn was very good and every kernel popped and had a very good taste , I would like to see a 6 pound bag
EmoryLakewood, OH

Very good popcorn

I think my other review didn’t go through because I mentioned a brand-name air popper. Anyway, I am pleased with this popcorn. It works pretty well in an air popper, although a few kernels do want to fly out. But it pops up nice and fluffy. I would buy it again.
DonitaCouncil, NC

eye popping results

This is excellent popping corn with a light rich flavor, it pops well, has significantly less hulls than most other popping corns we have tried, tastes great, and holds flavorings and cheese well. The popped corn is smaller than many other brands and we like the flavor better.
The un-popped kernels are lighter than many other popping corns, so a few more get blown out un-popped by our hot air popper… towards the end when the number of kernels remaining to be popped in the air-popper gets low. If you don’t mind having a few un-popped kernels it’s works just fine in the air-popper.
The quantity of each order is bit large – twelve pounds at a time (you get six two pound packages per order) which makes this premium corn price very competitive with lesser popping corns (when buying through Amazon.com).
We find the quantity not to be problem though, as we like this corn better than other corns we have tried, so we use it up faster. Of course dried corn keeps very well, and we have found that our friends love receiving a package or two when we visit, and it also makes a great remembrance gift for soldiers overseas, or college students away from home.
JoeTiff City, MO

Really expensive popcorn. Does not get stuck in teeth as much as other brands.

Really expensive popcorn. Does not get stuck in teeth as much as other brands. You really have to try for yourself, but do not expect this to be 4 times better than Orville Redenbacher’s. the flavor is good, and there is a lot less junk to get stuck in your teeth.
EvitaCornell, MI