Wabash Valley Farms Amish Country Gourmet Popping Corn, Vintage Red, 6-Pound Bag

46389 Size: 6 lbs Features: -Popping corn. -A nutty red kernel. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Generic Specifications: -Makes approximately 30 individual servings of popped corn. Dimensions: Size 6 lbs – Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -8″. Size 6 lbs – Overall Width – Side to Side: -6″. Size 6 lbs – Overall Depth – Front to Back: -4″. Size 6 lbs – Overall Product Weight: -6 lbs.

Quick facts

  • Less flaky hulls comparatively
  • Fluffy and meaty white
  • Unique taste and texture
  • Favorite snack for many

Top reviews

Not good

I bought this and a few other Amish types from the same place. I think it may have been old and it didn’t pop well in the microwave. I have much better luck with other types of popcorn. I would not buy again.
EllanWendell, ID

Do NOT buy this popcorn!

This popcorn totally refused to pop. No matter what way we tried to pop this popping corn, it was a total failure.I would not only NOT EVER recomend it to a friend, I would go out of my way to warn them to not to waste their money.It ended up in the garbage.
IrwinTippecanoe, IN


If you like your popcorn either burned or unpopped this is the one for you. The time for the kernels to pop varies so much that the first ones are burned by the time the last ones pop.
ArianeOakvale, WV

Tasteless, stale, husks all day

This popcorn is not anything near what it is advertised to be. I popped 3 batches at 3 different times and they were so bad I couldn’t eat ’em. And, husks, husks, husks. I literally threw the rest away. YOU WERE WARNED.
VickyCambria Heights, NY

Tasty popcorn that doesn’t get stuck between your teeth!

Okay, maybe the heading exagerates just a tad… Red Popcorn has a MUCH more tender husk than regular popcorn does and when it pops, it explodes the kernel so well that the husks basically disappear. When it pops, it looks pretty much like any other popcorn, except that the popped kernels are slightly smaller than usual. The meet is white, but you can see the little bits of red kernel in them. You would never know that the pretty, white popcorn you were eating started out red-colored if you hadn’t seen it before popping.

The flavor is great! It smelled “toastier” as it was popping than other popcorns we’ve tried. We tried it all different ways, with toppings ranging from sweet to savory and every way was good.

We also liked the fact that it is grown by Amish people and are happy to support their efforts to raise their crops the “old way.” They believe in sustainable farming and a clean, wholesome way of life. No ConAgra multi-national conglomerates here, just real, individual farmers making a living off their land.

Great products raised and produced by real farmers. What better reasons do you need to buy some of this really tasty popcorn!?

TerresaHomeworth, OH

We hate to leave this kind of review……

We hate to leave this kind of review especially when we have enjoyed this product so much in the past. Purchased this item in June 2011 and placed it in our kitchen cupboard upon arrival. Two weeks ago, we were watching a movie and decided to have some popcorn. Grabbed the new bag of Wabash (purple) and opened it. Moths came flying out of the bag. Yes, moths!! Quickly closed the bag and to our dismay saw many, many moths crawling around inside the bag. Did some internet research and found the moths are called Indian Meal Moths. We have never seen these critters in our kitchen before and are sure they came with the popcorn. We did a complete clean out of our cupboards and have not found them in any other products. We wrote an email to Wabash Valley thru Amazon about this incident two weeks ago and have heard nothing back. We would have thought they would pony up and at least offer an apology, if not a complete refund. We realize that this kind of thing happens and are saddened by their lack of response and responsibility. It’s just not good business. They have our money after all.
CindaFarmers, KY

popcorn dud

I have been looking for red popcorn for some time and when I found this I was pretty excited and ordered it even though I had to order so much. I used to buy red popcorn when I lived in the midwest but have never seen it in the northwest. I have only popped it once and there were a lot of unpopped kernels. My cheap yellow popcorn from the grocery store is much better than this. I am very disappointed and don’t recommend buying it.
KaranMorristown, TN

Excellent Popcorn!

We had been looking for a “hulless” popcorn for a while and ran into this one when searching the web. It has wonderful flavor and the softest little hulls we have ever seen. We will be back to by more!
DeeannAshville, PA

AWFUL, tiny kernels full of hulls

Terrible & expensive for what you get. Tiny little kernels, lots of hulls. Stick with the cheap store bought.
Bleh what a rip off.
SolangeWalnut Hill, IL

Simply the Best

There’s no other on the market as good as this. I’ve ordered it many times. My family wouldn’t settle for anything less. Simply the Best.
VandaElwin, IL

Ok, but will look for something better

This popping corn is a mix of pros and cons for us. It came in a clear plastic bag with the pretty red label. Very colorful corn – lots of dark red with a few kernels of white mixed in. As some of the other reviewers have said, for a hot air popper, you’ll definitely want to tip the popper backward the minute you plug it in or else the air pressure will send kernels flying around your kitchen like schrapnel. Trust me – you’ll be ducking for cover and then finding kernels for the next year or so. I did not let go of my hot air popper until there was a good amount of popped corn to weigh down the unpopped kernels. These kernels are noticeably smaller than others you’ll see in the grocery store so when they pop, the end result is smaller. If you have shag carpet, this is probably not a good thing. The husks are softer and tend to cause less damage to your gums if they get caughtin your teeth, though it won’t happen often. The cost for this little bag is also significantly higher than we’d want to pay again. Another big con for us is the number of unpopped kernels that remain – probably 1 – 2 dozen per 1/2 cup batch. For the cost, that’s too much. We’ll be trying something else next time.
SparkleWeehawken, NJ

Too Tough and Almost Tastless

I didn’t like the Amish Red Popcorn at all. 98% of it did not pop in a hot air popper. What little that popped was too tough and almost tasteless. I dumped it and bought Orville Redenbacher White Corn Gourmet. It was the kind of popcorn I love, and over 98% of it popped in the hot air popper. I’ll stick with Orville.
ParkerDexter, KS

It isn’t hulless

There were more hulls in this popcorn than in any other that I’ve ever used. We found it to be very tough and after a couple of bites I ended up throwing it out. Amazon gave me a full refund. I would give them five stars for service.
BetsyVentnor City, NJ

Not what I was expecting

Full disclosure I am a do it yourself popcorn newb. Made this in a wok with canola oil (no fancy machine). Not what I was expecting for the fancy description and price. Kernels popped up a lot smaller than I was expecting. A bit tougher chew than I was expecting. Maybe I’m just a newb but I prefer the supermarket bought Orville to this stuff (and so does my family).
EugenaCooper, TX


This is some “excellent” popcorn. It pops up very nicely and is “far and away” better than the “Orville” that you’ve been popping. Very fine, almost non-existent “hulls” when it pops. Easy on the teeth and a very “clean” taste.
Like “Mikey” says, “Try it, you’ll like it”.
BradlyDanboro, PA

great product

have ordered from this company in the past and very satisfied with
their popcorn. will order again and again.
EmmittHastings, PA

Earth real popcorn taste

We have enjoyed this red popcorn very much. Very “earthy” natural taste. Works well in our popper, very few unpopped kernels
MyrlWalkerville, MI

Not actually Amish popcorn…

I just want to point out that this is not actually “Amish” popcorn. Look at the company’s website-this is “Amish country” popcorn, meaning I guess that Amish live in the vincinity. Note the lack of any mention of organic popcorn on it. This is good popcorn, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re getting an organic/chemical free product, or one raised in small batches by Amish folk. Clever wording strikes again!
VeronaSelbyville, WV

Best Popcorn on the Planet

This, and all the other Amish popcorn, could very well be the best popcorn on the planet (I especially like the red) I could never go back to the bland popcorn I used to buy at the market. Everyone should at least try this great snack!
RivaGraysville, OH

No hulls, but really small

We recently got this, which seemed great because prior to this we purchased what we had thought to be “paragon popcorn” sold by amazon and we got this popcorn called “snappy” which really sucked because there were so many hulls, that we decided to buy this after reading the reviews.
upside: hardly any hulls
downside: the popcorn is very small, and not as tender as I would have thought it to be since the kernels are so small.
Overall, this popcorn is better than the one purchased before but I would probably look for something else.
ShantiPenrose, NC


We use this popcorn in an air popper on the weekends. It is delicious and tastes much better than anything we have been able to find in the stores.
ElveraCreighton, SD

Mmmmm . . . . tiny pops, big flavor

At first I was a little disappointed in the overall size of the popped corn–small compared to the typical yellow variety I’m used to–but the flavor was excellent. Almost every kernel popped(save for one or two per 1 qt. (popped) serving)! I love this variety of popcorn and am SO glad to find it at a good price and availability.
ValrieTahoka, TX

Tender, Nearly Hulless Popcorn

If you love popcorn… this brand is terrific. I like the red because you get big tender kernels with very little hull. Enjoy!
SparkleWest Ridge, AR

Great popcorn…

Love this popcorn, just received my 2nd order, it pops great… little to no hulls, which I really like…also has a great taste, my family loves it also..
LynneSutton, AK

Best tasting Popcorn around

I’ve been on a binge w/popcorn & didn’t feel good about eating a lot of microwave brands. This popcorn is great! It is healthy and it tastes great even w/out butter. There is no waste because everything pops. Well worth the money.
AdahGoshen, NY

Best Popcorn Ever

This popcorn has the most delicious tase of any popcorn we have tried. We had almost given up on finding a good one. The Amish County Red Popcorn is simply the best!
GeorgeannaSpringville, PA


This is very high qulity pop corn, I recomend it. Almost all kernels pop and they are a crisp white when they pop. Very healthy and yummy, I have tried almost all of them.
CristalLakeville, MA

Big Red is great!

I ordered this and a few other items at the same time. This review is on the red, so I have to say it was great and worth the money. The Baby White was worthless and wouldn’t pop right. I called them and was told I could return it for a refund of the purchase price. Problem was I paid to ship it to me, if I pay to ship it back, I may was well forget the refund, its a wash!
JunkoWhitwell, TN

Good popcorn, great packaging and service

The popcorn arrived ahead of schedule and the packaging was meticulous. I have never seen better packaging for a bulk item.

The popcorn is good, but not great. I use a hot air popper and have tried Crimson Jewel and other non-Amazon brands of red popcorn previously. There were very few un-popped kernels, but the popcorn was not as tender as Crimson Jewel.

I would buy this product again, but prefer Crimson Jewel.

FloranceChamplain, NY

amish popcorn

Really good popcorn, shipping costs as much as the popcorn. Don’t know if it is worth it.
NikitaRochester, WI