Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn – Kettle Corn – 3-pack

Everything needed to make sweet sugar-glazed popcorn just like that found at fairs and festivals is included in this one step easy to use pack: gourmet popcorn, popping oil, and seasoning. All ingredients are pre-measured for convenience and consistent results. For use in any stovetop popcorn popper. Box of 3 pouches; each pouch makes 4 quarts Product of United States Ingredients: Popping corn, coconut oil, sugar, beta carotene

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  • Everything needed to make sweet sugar-glazed popcorn just like that found at fairs and festival…
  • Box of 3 pouches; each pouch makes 4 quarts

Top reviews

Expensive and not what I expected!

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of my review, I’d like to point out that the front of the packet reads, “Sweet & Salty.” THERE IS NO SALT IN THIS PRODUCT. The ingredients listed are: Popping corn, coconut oil, sugar, beta carotene.

Now, if you make this in your Whirley Pop according to the directions on the back of the packet, the sugar caramelizes. Not only does the sugar caramelize, but the crank is VERY hard to turn once the sugar starts melting; this makes it very easy, indeed, to break the delicate, plastic crank on your lid. What you ultimately end-up with is sticky, brown popcorn, and a BIG mess to clean out of your pot and off of the lid (and cleaning that lid isn’t exactly what I’d call “easy”). My daughter, the Princess of Kettle Corn wrinkled her nose when she saw what it looked like, but being the trooper that she is, she ventured a taste…and (drum-roll, please) she declared, “Nope. That DOES NOT taste like kettle corn!”

So, after tossing the whole first batch and soaking the pot for an hour to get some kernels “unglued,” I tried again. I opened the side of the packet that contains the popcorn and sugar FIRST (being careful not to open the oil side) and emptied the contents into a wire mesh strainer over a bowl. I shook the strainer so that ALL of the sugar was separated from the popcorn kernels. I reserved the sugar and mixed a little popcorn salt with it. THEN, I opened the oil side and put that into the Whirley Popper along with the (now sugar-free) popcorn kernels. I popped the popcorn as I usually would. When it was finished, and still VERY hot, I took a large bowl with a tight-fitting lid and filled the bottom with hot popcorn; I sprinkled the sugar/salt mixture over this. Then I added more popcorn; then more sugar/salt, repeating the process until the bowl was filled to within two inches of the top. Then I put the lid on the bowl, and tossed and turned and shook until I was fairly certain that the popcorn was adequately covered with the sugar/salt mixture. My daughter tasted it and liked it much better.

My family LOVES our Whirley Popper and Wabash Valley Farms popcorn, but this product (in my opinion) is a dud, and an expensive one at that. If you want my advice, use the Real Theater Popcorn packet and sprinkle some extra-fine sugar on it in the bowl (not the popper) while it’s still hot — you won’t have to clean burned sugar out of the pot (and gunk off of the lid), you’ll save money and you’ll have fresh, non-microwaved kettle corn.

GeraldIreland, WV