Wagathas Organic Cranberry Cheddar Biscuits Wheat Free – “With a Hint of Mint

Why are Wagatha’s Organic Dog Treats the best, most delicious treats around? Because they take pride in using only the finest human-grade and certified organic ingredients available. These dog treats will have your dog begging for more, and you’ll feel great knowing that your furry little friend is enjoying a nutritious treat with safe, whole food ingredients. All of the ingredients used to make Wagatha’s gourmet organic dog biscuits are sourced from carefully monitored organic growing areas primarily within North America. These Cranberry Cheddar Treats come with a hint of real mint.

Quick facts

  • Cranberry Cheddar Dog Treats
  • 100% USDA certified organic
  • 100% human grade ingredients

Top reviews

Kiki Loves it!

These treats are in cute little bone shapes and they smell great, like cheese. I got them from a local pet store and My dog loves it. She loves anything with cheese in it. The ingredients are ALL organic! There doesn’t seem to have any junk in there, just cheese, cranberry, flour flexseed oil I think. Good healthy and yummy treats for your dogs. Each can contains about 30 treats I think.
LolaBell City, LA