Wagh Bakri Tea

Wagh Bakri Special International Blend offers a very distinct strong and tasteful flavor for lovers of fine tea. The choicest teas is selected and blended by some of the world’s most experienced tea tasters, and then processed in state of the art plants. Behind every sip is hundred years of experience assuring you consistent quality which enhances warmth in relationships.

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Absolutely Fantastic!

The owner of the local Indian grocery recommended this brand of tea – since I like a hearty, full-flavored brew; in the British tradition, with milk and sugar, and as my grandmother used to say, ‘strong enough to trot a mouse over.’ This is most definitely it; a good hearty cuppa for much, much less than from a gourmet grocery bulk tea brand. Once tried, you’ll never go back to ordinary English Breakfast tea of any brand.
DeanStockholm, NJ