Walden Farms Calorie-Free Dip-Chocolate 12 Oz

Calorie-Free – Chocolate DipWalden Farms Calorie Free specialties are perfect for the health-conscious and health-concerned consumer. Made from hundreds of fresh ground herbs and spices, natural flavors, fine imported vinegars and other natural ingredients. This is what millions of health conscious and health concerned consumers have been waiting for.

Quick facts

  • Calorie Free, Carbohydrate Free
  • Cholesterol Free, Fat free,
  • Gluten Free, Sugar Free,
  • Kosher Certify
  • Guaranteed delicious!

Top reviews

I would rather lose a foot than eat this again.

I bought this expecting to not like it very much, but instead I was surprised that I hated it with a passion. And let me just say, I happen to enjoy certain fakely sweetened things. I prefer Diet Pepsi to Pepsi, for instance. I wasn’t expecting the taste of a fine chocolate bar or even hershey’s syrup.

But what I got was such an intensely awful experience that I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for 15 minutes. If I were a diabetic, and some sadistic serial killer of diabetics were holding a gun to my head forcing me to choose either this, or to risk my life and eat the real thing at the expense of sending my blood sugar sky high I would choose the latter. I would rather lose a foot to diabetes than consume this product.

FeliciaAllardt, TN


Every Walden Farms calorie-free product I tried was terrible, including this one. It’s not just that it’s not as good as “the real thing,” but it is truly AWFUL! Don’t waste your money.
DarrelColmesneil, TX

Not quite your typical full flavored chocolate, but great for cravings

I have to watch my sugar (PCOS and insulin resistance), and I have a bad sweet tooth. I read bad reviews of this product, so I had to write my own. I just tried it frozen on strawberries and thought it was wonderful.. No aftertaste, not too strong (sadly), but a great way to treat myself to something that tastes sinful. I did not try this by itself, and I dipped half bananas in it and placed them on corn on the cob holders and put them in the freezer to try later, so I can’t wait to see how they turned out.. But if you have to limit sugar or are cutting calories this is great. I can’t imagine the bad reviews because I wouldn’t dare drink a diet coke (I got used to coke zero and diet dr pepper, but REFUSE diet coke because it tastes like poison to me). So give it a shot on strawberries at least, and hopefully it will be great on other things, too. 🙂
LewisBentley, MI

For Zero Cals, Can’t Beat It

The consistency of it is close to a thick pudding. As for the taste, I couldn’t tell the difference between a real chocolate dipped strawberry and a strawberry dipped in this stuff. The only real difference is that this stuff doesn’t set up like real chocolate does unless you freeze it, even unfrozen, the stuff is great.
CaseySwiftown, MS

Nasty chemical aftertaste

I wasn’t expecting much from a calorie-free “chocolate” dip. I figured it would taste mostly like artificial sweetener, and so I didn’t plan to eat it straight. I sliced up a banana, put a tablespoonful or so of the dip on it, and then topped with with some fat-free whipped topping–so there were two things I *really* like in the bowl with the dip.

I still couldn’t finish it. I’m a diabetic, so I have to watch the amount of sweets I eat; I have a real sweet tooth, so I’m *used* to the flavour of artificial sweeteners and “fake” foods. (People, I think Fat Free Cool Whip is *good stuff*. We’re talking “not a gourmet,” here. Definitely not a food snob. But I thought that this was NASTY.

Why two stars? Because my housemate *loved* it. He’s happily spooning it onto oatmeal, fruit, graham crackers… he may be putting it on his hamburgers, for all I know. 🙂 And if someone else thought it was *that* good, I can’t give it one star, even if I personally loathe it.

AbbieUniversal, IN

Chocolate sauce

I love the sauce, but I did find the postage quite high and the product was slow arriving
MargertLawrence, MS

Best cheat, but not cheat for HCG diet

I am actually shocked that this chocolate dip has so many negative reviews. Are you for real, guys?? It’s delicious. I’ve started HCG diet recently and I have to restrict myself to 500 calories a day. Not to munch is the hardest quest. But when my doc office introduced me to this, I was hooked. It’s not exactly like real chocolate, but darn close. With strawberries it’s delicious and only 3 calories (each). The best cheat treat ever. Normally I am a big fan of Sherries berries, but this comes pretty close on HCG starvation diet.
MargyWalnut Shade, MO

Not for me

Definitely tastes like an artificially sweetened diet product. It tastes like chocolate sauce for a second but the sharp aftertaste kicks in quickly after that.

Personally, I will stick to a small serving of dark chocolate or yogurt with honey when I want something sweet but healthy.

JoannieFrancis Creek, WI

Horrible! Stay away… I like some of the salad dressings they make

so I figured I’d try this chocolate dip. The reviewer who described it as a horrible chemical taste was right on. It is awful beyond words. I am sorry I ever put that stuff in my mouth! Threw it out right away.
JennellBearsville, NY

DISGUSTING….went straight in the trash

Saw it…ordered it to try it…

AWFUL… disgusting taste…if you want to waste $10, go ahead…

I was really hoping that would be a good chocolate substitute , I’ll have to try something else

DarrellMount Clare, WV

Actually really good….

I’m currently on the HCG diet and was really impressed with this product. I’ve tasted MANY Walden Farms products and this impressed me!
RomaPilottown, LA

taste like chemicals..

I thought after trying the gross peanut butter..that this cant be much worse …and what do ya know?? it was just a bad. It went straight in the garbage! dont wast your money!!
PaulettaLacona, NY

Good Tasting Sugar Free Dip/Topping – Recommended

The Walden Farms Chocolate Dip was a good find for me, but perhaps calling this “Chocolate” was a mistake since it only slightly resembles chocolate by looks and taste. It should be treated as a dessert dip/topping for dieters or diabetics. Being a Type 2 diabetic, I am always looking for low carb sweets that will not impact my blood sugar levels and this Dip/Topping has no impact at all.

I like the flavor and use it to augment fruits and other sugar free foods to round out the dish. This works well with strawberries and with peanut butter.

Recommended, if you set your expectations to match the reality that this is not really chocolate. You might also want to try Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip, 12-Ounce Bottle

LeoFlorence, MA

Not bad for being zero calories and fat free!

Honestly this is not bad for there being zero calories, no fat, no sugar or carbs. It does taste a little chemically but it is good with strawberries. When I am craving chocolate, it definitely handles my cravings. There is a lot of mixed reviews, so I think it comes down to personal preference and taste. If your expecting it to taste like hersey’s chocolate don’t buy it. I think it’s a great product for those of us who are dieting and cutting calories, sugars, and carbs. My kids actually like it too, which should something in itself.
BerniceDavant, LA

Surprisingly good

This is surprisingly good. For someone on a serious diet, or trying to cut back on fat, this is a reasonable way to get a jolt of chocolate … it is, of course, a completely processed food. But I don’t even think of it as a “food” — it’s a diet aid that, when used reasonably, helps a lot.
KalaAustwell, TX

chocolate dip yuck

I was so excited when I found this chocolate dip. When I received the dip, I tried it and almost threw it up. This dip taste so bad, and it does not even taste like chocolate.
GeorgeannFarmers, KY

Linda b

Chocolate Dip is great to drizzle over low carb ice cream or yogurt. A nice treat without guilt of too many calories or carbs.
RoyFort Kent, ME

Wretched stuff, tastes like something from a chem lab

I had been looking for a low carb chocolate sauce for dipping fruit but was under no illusion that a no calorie chocolate sauce would be as good as a homemade ganache. I decided to keep an open mind.

I wish I hadn’t. This was the most disgusting stuff known to mankind. It actually took me back to high school chemistry lab when we created the fake banana scent out of something that smelled like sweaty feet and baby vomit (butyric acid). The previous reviewer mentioned a chemical taste and this is it. It tastes like it was manufactured in a lab, which it very likely is.

Next time I will take the time, chocolate, stevia and cream and make my own. At least I know what I am eating and it will really taste like chocolate.

LeroyModena, PA


This stuff is horrendous. It honestly almost made me vomit when I tried it 🙁 I was so excited to buy it in hopes it would curb my chocolate cravings while dieting. uuugghh, just horrible!! Guess I’ll stick to sneaking a spoonful of nutella here and there instead
GeneviveHarristown, IL

don’t waste your money…

I bought this and figured “hey nothing but $4 to lose.” and it is not even worth that. I opened it and it looked like chocolate cake batter and figured ok, nice. At first taste i was like, “not horrible… oh, there it is.” It has a horrible after taste that makes me think of random chemicals. Don’t buy this.
MonnieMillington, MI


AdalineOxbow, NY

Not tasty at all

This product tasted like a watered down chocolate baby food product. I purchased it for dipping when I needed a chocolate fix did not live up to half of my expectation.
ArmandaMonticello, NM

Yuck…I Almost Finished the Jar…Almost

I wanted to give this product 1.5 stars and since I can’t, I give it one star for I have no
desire to buy it again. I tried the chocolate w/ my fresh strawberries and I just couldn’t
get over its taste.

Sorry…I wanted to like this product for I enjoy Walden’s Marshmellow Dip which should be
called Walden’s Diet Cool Whip dip…

IsmaelPort Aransas, TX

Sour aftertaste

I think this actually has a chocolate flavor, like cocoa. But…the sour aftertaste is not appetizing. Same thing with the caramel sauce and other items. I’ve been on Ideal Protein program and found that mixing this with the chocolate shake, which has a little milk protein in it, dulls that sour aftertaste. I’ve made popsicles that way. If you can have milk, try that. It may help. Better than no chocolate at all…
TammaraAndover, NY