Walden Farms Calorie Free Dip French Onion — 12 oz

Munching on fresh veggies is a wonderful way to eat healthy. Dip them ?The Walden Way,? switch to delicious Walden Farms Calorie Free Veggie Dips. Made with concentrated natural butter milk flavor, mustard, minced garlic, sliced onion, dozens of freshly ground herbs and spices and the finest imported and domestic aged vinegars?but no calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind.

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A dip you can pass on

Though their intention’s may be fine, a calorie free dip isn’t really realistic! It’s as well too thin to enjoy as a real dip. Other brand’s do a much better job with the same flavor.
AlBlairsden-Graeagle, CA

Don’t Waste Your Money

I should have paid more attention to the other reviewers. This dip had a weird aftertaste and consistency. I tried it with a plain rice chip. After just one chip, I threw the jar away. Instead of wasting your money on this dip, buy some fat free, low cal sour cream and make your own. Yes, you will have some calories, but at least it will taste good and you won’t be throwing your money away like I did.
BuddyYpsilanti, ND

Just Disgusting

This dip was the worst I have ever tasted. If I could have given it less than 1 star I would have. I agree with the other reviewer who said it had a strange chemical taste. I threw it out after one taste.
MichelleSarver, PA

Such a mistake

I was thrilled to discover a calorie free alternative to my favorite french onion dip, but this stuff is simply terrible. It has a bizarre chemical taste, and tastes strangely sweet.

While Walden Farms has some really great calorie free dressings, their creamy creations such as this dip should be avoided at all costs.

LouannEllenboro, NC


When I selected this dip, it is because I missed the savory flavor of onion dip… this dip is SWEET! DISGUSTING! Why would they put fake sugar into an ONION dip?! It just tastes soo gross! If they made this and stayed off the splenda it might be better… this is the first item I have EVER returned to the grocery store because it was just THAT bad!
EllamaeEast Freedom, PA