Walden Farms Dressing, Ranch, 1 Ounce

From the beginning, Walden Farms’ mission has been to develop healthy specialty foods, helping people control their calories, fat, carbohydrates, gluten or sugars of any kind…without giving up great taste, ”The Walden Way.” Since 1972, Walden Farms has been a leader in the healthy foods category, with three generations maintaining the highest possible quality standards while creating innovative lifestyle choices. Walden Farms was among the first to bring delicious tasting reduced calorie and reduced fat Salad Dressings to healthy eaters more than 40 years ago. Today, our culinary and nutritional experts in the Walden Farms kitchens have accomplished a remarkable achievement, developing the world’s only family of calorie free specialties! No calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind!

Quick facts

  • Creamy, delicious salad dressing
  • Gluten free
  • Fat free
  • No cholesterol
  • Great way to add zest to a salad

Top reviews

Make your own!

This stuff is so bad, you may as well call it ‘crap in a packet’. There are few words to describe the Walden Farms dressings/sauces, that can be printed here on Amazon. If Clorox made mouth rinse, I’d need it after tasting these chemical bombshells.
DelmyBowerston, OH

Too rich for my blood

The cost for this product including shipping is way too rick for my blood. From now on, I’ll make my own dressing.
CristiPaden, OK

What the #@$%%?

I have to admit that I bought this on a gluten free foods web site and completely missed the 0 Calorie description. I was expecting a tasty gluten free Ranch dressing that is at least recognizable as Ranch (or dressing for that matter). I can’t believe that two reviews imply that this stuff has flavor. Well, that’s true, but the flavor is something like what you might get if you took a dirty dish rag dipped it in latex paint and wrung it out on your salad: This is vile and nasty stuff! Don’t waste your money on this one.
WinnieUlysses, KS


I despise low-fat/non-fat dressings and would prefer to eat a salad plain rather than use them. In addition, I don’t like Thousand Island at all. But these Walden Farms Dressings taste great and make a diet less monotonous. My husband likes them too, and he always prefers the high calorie version of anything.
DannColeharbor, ND

very tastey and convinient

Tired of not getting the dressing you want? I am!! this works perfect, keep in wallet or office, car, etc. taste good however not enough in one pouch for a normal side salad, let alone a normal size salad
ShakitaAnnandale, VA

1000 Island Dressing Packets

I really like this product. It is easy to throw in lunch bag and go. It taste good. Recommend this purchase.
GalaSaratoga, AR

Diet Perfect

Most other salad dressings that say they are “light” actually have a lot of calories in my opinion. This Ranch Dressing from Walden Farms tastes very good and is calorie free. It just doesn’t get any better than that!
MalloryBluemont, VA

Linda b

Walden Farms Thousand Island Salad Dressing, wonderful taste, easy to carry with you for social events. I would buy again & again. No refrigeration needed for this product. I would buy again & again. Use for dips and for making low calorie, chicken or tuna salads. Can use for vegetable dips as well.
MichelFayette, MS

Give it a Chance

I purchased Walden Farms Calorie Free Ranch Dressing when I decided change the way I eat. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the dressing, as it tasted nothing like regular Ranch dressings at all. By the third time I used it though, I decided it was great. Once you give up the real stuff, this does grow on you. I now love this dressing and will eat it for the rest of my life!
JesusaYoungsville, LA


If you are looking for a tasty salad dressing with 0 calories, o carbs & 0 sugar, look no futher! I love Walden Farms packets of 0 Calories dressings, and they are so easy to put in your purse to use when you go out to eat !!!
LeisaKelliher, MN

Never liked 0 Calorie dressing before

This is the first 0 calorie dressing I’ve ever liked. Probably because it tastes salty and I like salty 🙂
SenaWestwood, CA

shockingly good

Can you believe a no-sugar, no-fat product that still has enough flavor to be satisfying? Truly I was shocked…and will order again.
DorathyLeipsic, OH