Walkers Original Toffee, 3.5-Ounce Packages

Using only the finest ingredients he created a unique recipe which is still used today. Toffee made to this recipe has made Walkers a favourite for over a hundred years. This Gift Contains Brazil Nut Toffee A Specialised Hammer To Break The Toffee Contains No Artificial Colour or Preservatives.

Quick facts

  • Package holds 3.5 ounce in a pack of 10 (total of 35 ounce)
  • All Walkers Toffee is suitable for vegetarians
  • NO artificial colour or preservatives

Top reviews

The best toffee EVER!!!!

If you haven’t tried this toffee before you need to. It is made (you can taste it) with high quality products. It may cost a little more than other brands but it is definately worth the difference in cost!!!!!! I just wish it was easier to get here in the US
NettieHurt, VA

Best toffee you’ll find in North America

When I was growing up in Western NY I used to get Mackintosh Toffee (Now known as Mack Toffee). I still remember the commercial about sticking it in the fridge and slapping it on a counter to break it up. Nestle bought the company and changed the formula to make it a pale imitation of what it once was.

This toffee is what Mackintosh Toffee used to be, and frankly should be.

Extremely chewy and sticky when warm, with a very strong toffee flavor. The bar comes wrapped and in a small plastic tray, making it handy to put what you don’t eat back in the fridge for later. While I prefer the thickness of the Mackintosh bars for breaking it apart and chewing, the flavor and consistency of this toffee make it outstanding. There isn’t a mass produced toffee bar in North America that compares to the taste and quality of this toffee.

If you like real toffee this is your only choice outside of small candy makers. And even then I think this would be a strong competitor

BrennaMelrose, MA

Walkers Original Toffee Bars, great!

I gave these to my British husband at Christmas. He was so excited and ate everyone! Walkers has the best Toffee and shortbread by far!
GinoLobelville, TN

I’ll admit it.

There’s really no conceivable need for me to write another review about any toffee from Walker’s Nonesuch (original or treacle). I’m hooked!
CathyForest City, MO

Delicious toffee

this toffee is awesome, put it in the fridge and then take it out and crack it, put pieces in your mouth and warm it up for a while and then you can get a chew in or two. Absolutely delicious , creamy toffe
NorikoBlossburg, PA