Walkers Shortbread Lemon Thins, 4.2-Ounce Boxes

This is the lightest, most delicate shortbread we’ve ever created, with a true, zesty lemon flavor only ripe, juicy Sicilian lemons can offer.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 4.2-Ounce (Total of 16.8 ounces)
  • Its free of artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians; certified Kosher (OUD)
  • Scotland

Top reviews

Thins do NOT ship well!!!

While the taste of these cookies is spot on and worth the price, the structure of these cookies does not serve them well for travel. Each of the four boxes of my cookies were in pieces. Not even one cookie was whole out of the four packages. Buyer beware if you are planning to give any of the boxes as gifts, which I had planned on doing.
LoisLinn Creek, MO

broken cookies

Walkers shortbread thins are a favorite at my house but hard to find. I was thrilled to find them on Amazon even though the price was more than a retail store. But the shipping was free in this case so I bought them. The cookies arrived bundled in a set of 4 boxes as expected. However, every cookie in each box was broken. This does not change the quality taste of these cookies (butter, lemon and raspberry choices) but it definitely limits serving options. I will not likely serve broken cookies at a party or special occasion. I was very disappointed that all the cookies were broken, none were intact. I will be highly hesitant to buy them through Amazon again.
ByronFarmersville, IL


I’m going to have to order more. Just looking at the photo as I write this review, I’m starting to drool.

I love shortbread cookies but I’m too lazy to make them. I’m a perfectly capable baker, and when I retire, I will bake my own. I forget what brought these to my attention, but I ordered them and they were a hit at home and at work. OK, those heathens at work never met a cookie they didn’t like, but they SCARFED them!

Thin, crisp, light and buttery, with really yummy lemon flavor. Not one person said anything about the lemon rind. It’s so fine you have to try to feel it in your mouth, but it sure tastes good.

Some of the cookies were crumbled or broken. This does not affect the flavor! And they were shipped from Scotland. Considering how easily shortbread breaks, I think they made the trip very well.

I have to stop writing now, or I’ll order more this instant!

UrsulaHuletts Landing, NY

Yummy Cookies . . . but broken

Yummy cookies. Since they are subscribe and save, they arrive at my door every couple of months and are a nice surprise. Only problem is that many cookies are broken. Broken cookies are fine for me . . . taste really good anyway, but wouldn’t want to serve them to the tea group! Hu-m-m-m . . . more for me?
VivaTisch Mills, WI


I bought this product at Cost Plus World Market, so I can not comment on how they survive shipping. However, the ones we bought were not broken. They were in perfect cookie shapes! I can not comment enough on how wonderful the crystallized lemon zest is in this cookie. I love lemon flavored cakes, cookies, etc…and these exceeded my expectations. Soft vanilla, lemon flavor–almost like a nice lemon pound cake–mixed with the buttery-ness of shortbread and bits of sweet chewy lemon zest! Absolutely not bitter, sour, or harsh. We also got the walker’s stem-ginger shortbread (crystallized ginger pieces)! Perfection! I highly recommend both for fans of good quality, Scottish, shortbread cookies.
HermanEvansville, AR

Walkers is the leader in shortbread

I wish I could bake shortbread as tender and good as Walkers! Then I wouldn’t purchase so much Walkers for Mom. I purchased these as a Mother’s Day gift. Mom decided she prefers the original Walkers so I reordered.
When she received the plain ones, she appreciated the individual paks, especially during the summer.It is breakfast with tea for her (without baking in this heatwave!)

The lemon cookies are good though with lemon peel in them. Mom is a purist who likes plain shortbread…..so I guessed wrong…oh, well.

WinfredEarleton, FL

not worth the money

DON’T BUY Walkers Shortbread Lemon Thins, 4.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)March 23 2012
Walkers lemon thins should never be shipped. They arrived in nothing but broken pieces and where is the lemon taste????? I feel like I threw my money away. Never again.
LindaBagley, WI

Delicious tart, thin cookies arrived broken

Walkers Shortbread Lemon Thins, 4.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) are outrageously delicious thin shortbread cookies, but when ordered in this manner, many were broken. That doesn’t detract from the taste, but it definitely is not great when you need each cookie to be intact for presentation purposes. It makes for a more expensive desert because more boxes are needed. On the plus, you can eat the broken bits and they are still delicious! I recently baked lemon butter cookies which everyone thought were fabulous, but the Walkers thins are more tart and the larger shreds of lemon zest put mine to shame. I will use this discovery to increase the grated size of lemon peel in my next batch of lemon butter cookies, but will not be baking them for some time because we will be enjoying the Walkers cookie pieces instead. (Had to go to the store to buy more!) The whole shortbread is attractive and tasty, so I’ll be continue to purchase them in local markets now. The general consensus around here is that they are even better than the other Walkers Shortbread cookies we’ve tasted, because the tartness and texture of the lemon zest takes the shortbread to the next level. Because the others are thicker and less delicate, we’ll continue ordering them from Amazon. These thins are a definite winning treat to dunk in a cup of tea or include with a frozen desert. Highly recommend these packaged cookies.
SandyDeerfield, VA

Too many broken cookies

The cookies are excellent – the manufacturer packaging leaves a lot to be desired.
There are twelve cookies in a box – three rows of four each – the top cookie on each
row is broken. Too much movement in package. Used some of them for friends in
their Christmas box of goodies from the Longs.
DoreneVesuvius, VA

Every box had 100 cookies…

I mean cookie pieces very embarrassing gifts. I will not being buying from this product line EVER again…Walkers Shortbread Lemon Thins, 4.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
AndrewCaulfield, MO

Excellent cookies

The lemon is not overpowering, though I wish it did have a bit more tartness. If I’d known I was missing out on something this good, I would have purchased them sooner. It’s a good thing I bought 4 boxes.
JarredCrumpton, MD

Tasty but too many broken cookies

Cookies were tasty, but half of them were broken. They were packaged very well, but when I opened the boxes and pulled out the tray of cookies, they were mostly in pieces. I still have 2 more boxes to open so we’ll see how those are yet. Probably would not buy them from this seller again.
DaphineTempleville, MD


While it is true that items like these tend to be a little riskier in shipping, mine came in perfect condition, not a broken cookie to be found. However, that’s likely luck of the draw when you’re talking about a cookie like this that’s so easily breakable.

The cookies, though, are delicious. The “thins” in the name scared me a little, wondering if the buttery flavour might be lost in a thinner form because they might have to be cooked longer for crispness. No worries there. This cookie is all Walkers, and the lemon flavour was fantastically distinct without being overbearing or overwhelming. This is perfection for afternoon tea (low tea) or just a lovely cup of tea whenever you choose to take it, and the balance of tart and sweet is great whether you prefer the English tea blends or something like a fragrant jasmine green.

JulietteRed Oak, IA

Delicious treat for fans of lemon & shortbread

I love Walker’s shortbread, and I love lemon desserts (lemon meringue pie, lemon bars, mmmm!) I never knew these existed until it popped up as a lightning deal recently. As it happens, there was also a special offer for a discount on Walker’s shortbread going on at the time. I saw the previous reviews that suggested the flavor might be a little TOO lemon-y and that there had been shipping issues, but due to the discounts I decided to give it a try. I had already decided it was likely I’d be the only one eating them — the rest of my family is not so interested in lemon — so I wasn’t concerned if the cookies were broken. As it happened, the box they were shipped in did have some damage, but it hadn’t actually touched the cookie boxes inside. The 4 boxes come shrink-wrapped in a cube shape (2 stacks of 2 boxes), which may help protect them somewhat. I’ve only opened one box so far, but ironically since I don’t actually care if they’re broken or not, all of the cookies in that box were perfectly fine & unbroken. I don’t know if they’ve improved their shipping/handling process or if I just got lucky.

As far as taste, if you like lemon dessert and shortbread, I think you’ll probably like this as well. Since it’s shortbread, it’s not overly sweet as some lemon treats are, but I thought the shortbread and lemon flavors went together extremely well. I did notice some very small granules of chewier bits (probably pieces of the lemon zest) which may have been what the earlier reviewer’s relative noticed. I thought it actually gave an interesting texture to the cookie. It’s fairly subtle. If I have a complaint, it’s that each box contains a total of 12 cookies — pretty pricey on a per-cookie basis.

I had thought i might take some of these with me to share when we visit family over the holidays, but honestly I don’t think they’re going to last that long!

YettaEast Baldwin, ME