Walkers Smokey Bacon Crisps – 1.2oz – 6 Pack

1 x 6 bag multipack of Walkers Smokey Bacon

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Why, oh why, oh WHY?! Don’t we have such great tasting crisp like these in the USA!!! Walkers produce AMAZING crisps! ‘Lays’ can’t stand up to the deliciousness that is Walkers. Please Walkers, start importing these into America! At least teach your parent company PepsiCo how to make great snacks so they can in turn teach the Americans how to make a great crisps!
LelandLancaster, NH

bacon crisps are so goooood

walkers crisps are so very good, bacon is my particular favorite. they are not at all greasy like some of our American name brand chips. the bacon flavor is just great. highly recommend these.
DevonMilliken, CO