Walkers Treacle Toffee, 3.5-Ounce Packages

Walker’s Nonsuch is one of England’s finest and oldest makers of traditional toffee. We are passionate about our toffee and are following in our great Grandfather’s mission to make England’s finest toffee. We use only the finest ingredients; whole milk, real butter, Belgian chocolate and sugar enhanced with molasses.

Quick facts

  • Pack of ten 3.5 ounce packages of toffee candy (35 total ounces)
  • Traditional English recipe
  • Individually wrapped for convenient snacking
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Product of the United Kingdom.

Top reviews

Rich and chewy – very addictive

I bought some of this when placing an order with Fiona’s Sweetshoppe. I was hoping to find it locally, in a bricks and mortar store, but no such luck. It has a distinctive flavor. When I ordered it, I was expecting a different flavor and wasn’t as keen on it, as I’d anticipated I would be. Surprisingly, I have really come to crave it though… Yum – now if the company just didn’t share the same name as our unethical governor here in WI…
WinfredVan Alstyne, TX

Not bad

I bought this toffee without ever trying it and was happy with it, however i recommend you have someone to share it with because after the first two bars i lost interest and i gave the other 8 away.
JolandaLeiter, WY

Always A Treat

Treacle toffee is always a treat. I first found it years ago while
visiting relatives in England. At first, I really didn’t like it,
but at some point decided to try it again. Since then, I’ve sought
out places in the U.S. (stores or online) where I can buy it.

Treacle toffee generally wouldn’t appeal to Americans; most seem
not to like it. BTW, “treacle” itself seems to be (nearly) equivalent
to “blackstrap molasses”.

Am glad I can usually get this toffee online.

VicentaArlington, AL


This stuff is great. Put it in the fridge, then smash it to bits. If you do like it softer, leave it at room temperature. This is treacle toffee and it does have that great treacle taste.
BrittnyLarslan, MT


This is the true English toffee: Sticky and chewy. It has a distinct molasses like flavor (treacle). Love it!
LupeCairo, MO

Perfect delivery and packaging

Product was everything I expected. Tasted this candy on a trip in Vermont and the first thing I did when I returned to Chicago was look on the internet to find out who was selling this treat. The first place I checked was Amazon.com. And why not? Amazon has everything.

Only let down was that I had to wait because it was on backorder. But, somethings are worth waiting for.

Worth the wait. Best toffee I every eaten.

TyreeHolly Hill, SC

Toffee Lover

This is the best toffee every. I would recommend that you try it. Its too bad that they don’t sell it locally.
JerrellTres Pinos, CA

Great Stuff!

My grandmother (who immigrated from England a lot of years ago) would always bring with her on a visit to us a box or more of ‘Callard & Bowser’ candies that she got stateside. She said as a young girl in England, she would always get these as a treat! As I recall, they were more of a butterscotch than a toffee, but they too were made with butter and were VERY good!! Well, unfortunately, Callard & Bowser are no more…why Nestle, why?? Well ,anyway, I bought these hoping to get a ‘little bit of heaven’ from the Walker Treacle Toffees. I did, I did! They aren’t the same as the C&B candies, but they are in the same league! I love these, and it is very difficult to not eat more than one should! I highly recommend them! Just a footnote: they have a stronger flavor due to the Treacle or molasses in them. They really are oh so good tho’…
GrayceRocky Mount, VA