Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, 9.25-Pound Jumbo Can

Jerking is a traditional style of BBQing. Rub this paste sparingly into meat overnight, grill or roast slowly and you have wonderful tasting meat!

Quick facts

  • 1 Jumbo Bucket of Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 9.25-Pound
  • This paste, when rubbed sparingly into meat should be left overnight for best results, then grilled or roasted slowly
  • Jerking is a traditional style of barbecuing
  • For Chicken, Pork, Fish, Hamburgers & Vegetables
  • Value size

Top reviews

spicy and flavorful

I have been using walkerswood jerk seasoning for a while now. I tried making my own but this is better. It can get pretty hot though when used generously. The 9.25 is a way better deal than the small bottles. If you like hot jerk this is great I’ve used it on ribs cornish hens chicken and pork all good.
CleotildeGlencoe, OK

Best Jerk Seasoning out there!

Title says it all. Many of my Jamaican friends swear by this particular brand compared to the other major competitor of the Jerk Seasoning. Want to liven up your next BBQ. Get some of this (smaller bottle) and marinade some meat (chicken or pork most popular) over night and then throw on the grill. Guaranteed to be a hit!
MilesBrowning, MO

Best ever!!!

The taste of this sauce is incredible. I have tasted many other brands, some better than others – but this one has the best taste and just enough bite (spiciness) to make it incredible!
PauletteGatewood, MO

Good Deal

This is such a good deal to purchase in the large container. But we wondered where we would store it if after we opened it. Then we got an idea: After we purchased this product we ‘can it’ in 8oz jars and use it for gifts or our own personal use. This is a much better way to make this product last than to store it in the refrigerator!!
MadaleneBoulder Junction, WI

You have to try this stuff

This is the best Jerk seasoning on the market. I have tried many types that are out there including the dry rubs, sauces, and marinades – nothing compares to this authentic style of Jerk that come directly from Jamaica – you have to try it.
MarilouClinton, NC