Walters Bay & Company, Pure Ceylon Premium Iced Tea, Peach Flavored, 96-Count, 1-Ounce Pouches

A great way to make flavored iced tea at home. Each premium filter pouch makes one gallon of great tasting, smooth, refreshing iced tea. Make a batch on the stove or use a sun-brew method. 96 one-gallon filter pouches of our certified unblended, hand plucked, 100% pure Ceylon iced tea per case. Available in Mango, Peach, and Raspberry.

Quick facts

  • Count of ninety six, 1-ounce Pouch (total of 96-ounce)
  • 100% pure Ceylon iced tea
  • Unblended; Hand plucked

Top reviews

Fantastic Tea!

This is our favorite tea. It has a nice peach flavor without being sweet. Very good non-bitter flavor whether you brew it on the stove, in an iced-tea maker, or as sun tea.
VitoDahlgren, IL

Walters Bay Tea is pure AWESOME

I have tried every flavored tea known to mankind that I have access to and by far Walters Bay is the best for flavor AND for value. Raspberry, Mango, Peach, and Plain iced are all wonderful and 1 pouch will brew 2.5 gallons of tea. 2.5 GALLONS! I bought the flavor sampler from them and each version yielded the same result. Yes its a dark brew but so what…for me that translates into my tea dollar stretching much farther than ANY of their competition. I am not a tea snob by any means and ONLY drink iced versions. Period. So it may be that for the tea snob inclined the flavor, body, bouquet, balance, yadda yadda may disagree with you and if so, so be it. For me, Walters Bay is a perfect and very economical replacement for Paradise Tropical, China Mist, and all other flavored variants. And for the tea snobs out their, Walters Bay Tea has won multiple awards details of which can be found at their website.
JohnFairfax, OK