War Eagle Mill ORGANIC Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal, 10lbs

ORGANIC Golden Flax Seed – War Eagle Mill Ground from the finest open pollinated organically grown yellow corn. Coarsely ground by the slow turn of stone buhrs with nothing added or nothing taken away. All of our whole grain flours and meals are ground by stone. Stone grinding is the best way to preserve the natural nutrients in flour. Our stone buhr mill, powered by water, uses a slow process so the grain is never heated, unlike the huge steel roller mills of today that operate at a high rate of speed.ÊMakes great cornbread, muffins, mush, or polenta! Recipes for War Eagle Mill Corn Bread, Cornmeal Muffins and Jalapeno Corn Muffins–printed on the sack. Naturally Gluten Free, but is processed in a facility that handles wheat. Cross contact with wheat products is a possibility. Comes packaged in an old-timey cloth flour sack, lined with a food-grade poly bag.Whole Grain. Certified Organic

Quick facts

  • Slow stone ground to preserve flavor and delicate oils
  • Ground from whole grain, certified organic yellow corn
  • Naturally Gluten Free (may have trace amounts of gluten from cross contact with wheat)
  • War Eagle Mill, providing the freshest natural grain products since 1832
  • Only the finest organic whole grain – Freshest Quality! Shipped fresh, never stored.

Top reviews

awesome cornmeal

This is the best cornmeal. I made regular cornbread and hot water cornbread with this meal and both were outstanding. Also fried some oysters with this meal, it gave them a great texture and flovor.
KirbySnow Hill, AL