Wasa Hearty Crispbread, 9.7 Ounce Packages

Founded in 1919, Wasa has become the largest crispbread baker in the world, selling its products in 40 countries, from Scandinavia to America. The Wasa Bakeries are situated in Filipstad, Sweden and in Celle, Germany. These two locations bake our crispbread and our other products for countries all over the world. Wasa joined with the international food company, Barilla, in 1999 and has since flourished within this company. We pride ourselves on bringing families across the globe the healthy, great taste of Sweden’s favorite cracker. (033617370372)

Quick facts

  • Made from whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt
  • 60 calories per slice and an excellent source of whole grains
  • Fat and cholesterol free, low sodium, good source of fiber
  • Try northern Europe’s favorite cracker with your favorite toppings
  • Product of Sweden, Kosher certified

Top reviews


My word these are terrible. Do people really eat these? Each crunchy bite is a sudden new burst of bland and disgusting. I think the only reason these things don’t go bad is because even bacteria find them unpalatable.
AlleneReading, KS

Excellent Crispbread! The best crispbread and very helthy!!!!

Very tasty, very healthy and very good for bowel movement! I stack up on this one and bought several boxes. Everyone who I offer it like it!
TynishaWest Helena, AR

The best

This crispbread is enjoyed every day. It doesn’t get any better. Low in calories, high in fiber just full of goodness !!! Thank you Amazon for an excellent price and free shipping.
CodiNorth Carver, MA

Lives up to its name

My grandpa used to tell stories about eating this stuff in his Army days. They called it “hardtack” or just simply “tack”. It also seems to be a Swedish staple food. I grew up in Texas so it is kind of hard to find around here, especially the hearty rye kind. One time I went to purchase a few packages of it at the local “gourmet food and liquor” store and the cashier warned me someone had returned it because it was “stale”. I told her that they must have been clueless, cause that’s how its SUPPOSED to taste. The stopped carrying it soon after. I’ll just have to start special-ordering it. It’s cheaper here, anyway..

I’ve tried many other Wasa crispbreads and I always come back to this one. Nothing compares to the hearty rye. It has a very thick, satisfying crunch and a nice, bland rye flavor. I eat it with anything and everything, or even by itself. It’s great if you spread butter on it and eat it with soup. Other examples: tuna fish, cheese, lunchmeat, peanut butter, ice cream, salsa verde, chocolate pudding, Wolf chili, banana slices, SPAM, etc. Be creative.

It NEVER GOES STALE, so don’t worry too much about sealing up the package. I believe that’s a design principle in all hardtacks (see wikipedia). In my opinion, it only gets better with age. In reality, there is negligible difference between the freshly opened package and the months-old package. Same crunch, same flavor. It’s like bread, but without the possibility of mold. Oh, it’s also healthy and stuff. Lots of fiber.

I highly recommend the hearty rye. Buy a few cases now to prepare for Y2012 🙂

AlfrediaYork Beach, ME

Second to no other cracker that I know of

Yes, these crackers may look like they would be a great replacement for your old roof shingles or last well into the next millenium in your cabinets safe and sound, so make sure you eat these with some care to avoid accidentally tearing into your gums: they are quite dense and their high fiber and “cracker-ization” process makes them resemble tree bark in more ways than one. Seriously, these are tasty and go wonderfully with peanut butter, cheese or just by themselves on business trips. There is no better cracker for keeping your personal plumbing going smoothly and the concurrent benefits of good digestion. Even my 13 year old eats them as well as many of her friends when they need a small bite of something at our house before mealtime. I’ve been a customer of Wasa crisp for over 20 years and I’m convinced there is no better cracker for the nutritional value and fiber content for the money: this one is the Millenium Falcon of their cracker fleet. You won’t be disappointed.
CamilleBangor, ME

Wasa Hearty is the equivalent of “Hearty Rye”?

I’ve been eating Wasa Hearty Rye since I first found it in Europe 20 years ago as a teen (“ooh, what’s that, it looks yummy”) and when I returned to the US in my early 20s I kept buying it.

Lately in my area of WA state, the “Hearty Rye” is no longer available, and nor is the “Hearty” crispbread.

I found the Hearty Rye here on Amazon with a “Hurry only three boxes left” – I bought two of them, then noticed that everyone was rating THIS Wasa 5 stars and talking about it being Rye. I’ve had this kind before and wondered because it tasted like “Hearty Rye” but it only says “Hearty” on it.

Now this kind isn’t available in this area anymore either 🙁

I love Ak-Mak Sesame Crackers and have been eating those, but now that I can get “Hearty” here on Amazon… and know that it is the old “Hearty Rye” I can have what I’ve loved for so many years, low carb, high fiber, and if this is indeed the equivalent of the old Hearty Rye – no wheat either. If anyone knows if this is the exact equivalent, please do leave a comment, they seem to be the same, but then why did they phase out the name “Hearty Rye” and replace it with just “Hearty” (Hearty could be hearty anything… any grain at all or several of them, it’s unclear from the name, whereas “Hearty Rye” you knew that it was Hearty Rye 😉

I’m not complaining, I love Wasa products, it’s just that I’ve always loved Hearty Rye the best, with a few ounces of tuna salad, some lettuce and tomato, perhaps a slice of avocado and 1 Hearty Wasa, you have a healthy under 300 calorie meal. No one needs or should eat more than 2-3 ounces of protein at a time, and eating 4-5 “mini-meals” throughout the day is far healthier than sitting down in the evening and eating 8 ounces of beef or chicken or even fish; too much, much too much.

Our dinner plates are almost a third larger than dinner plates in Europe and the rest of the world. Our “salad” plates are what I’d use for a dinner plate (a bit small if you have vegetables, but they can go in a bowl.

Ack, tangent; the point is that these are wonderful, low calorie, healthy, low glycemic index, high fiber, relatively low sodium, and as someone else pointed out, they just don’t go bad. I’ll spread a low fat Moo-Cow Cheese (I don’t know what they’re really called, they’ve always been “Moo-Cow Cheese” – the round box with the red cow’s head and eight wedges of cheese inside? Spreadable, and the calorie version has – I think 30 calories each; whereas an ounce of regular full fat cheese is far more. Or take fresh lettuce, top with tuna and eat with Wasa, or fresh Haas avocado, a little bit of lemon and a few grains of salt (or not if you prefer) on Wasa is absolutely delicious and super healthy. We need to eat fat in our diets, but we DON’T need animal fat (except for fish, fish oil) we can get our needs met through, in particular, FLAX seed oil and flax seed in general. Put a tablespoon or two into your oatmeal and let it cook for a moment or more (add a bit more water it will thicken it) or in soups. Some eat it in yoghurt but I’m not a fan of “crunchy yoghurt” – I wonder if Wasa has a Flax Seed Crispbread? Probably not, as the Flax seed has oil in it, and would go bad… and Wasa Flatbreads/Crispbreads are all about not going bad.

I’ve meandered and gone over other things, the main point is this is the one of the healthier things you can eat – and if you really want bread, Dave’s Killer Bread (the healthiest variety of all the healthy varieties, all of them are very very healthy — is Powerseed, the red label) Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t sell it, but Costco does and here’s a link to the website: […] you can select Powerseed from that menu or watch the short video that tells his story (no he wasn’t a killer but he was in jail several times and… I won’t spoil it for you).

For bread, go Dave’s, for anything else that accompanies things you would put on bread, for less calories and more fiber, Wasa is it — and it’s so much less expensive to but it here in bulk, and since it doesn’t go bad, one 6 or 12 pack can last as long as it needs to.

If anyone knows whether “Hearty” really is the equivalent of “Hearty Rye” please do leave a message, I’d love an absolute confirmation. 🙂

JeanninePicher, OK

hearty, a bit dry

I have crackers every morning with my coffee. My husband has crackers every morning with his tea. We differ on our taste for crackers as well as on our taste for beverages. We both want a full grain cracker. But, my husband enjoys the Wasa Crispbread, Hearty crackers. Me…not so much. I far prefer the Finn Crisp variety. The four stars above reflect his review. In short, if you prefer a thick cracker, go for Wasa. If you like the crackers to be crispy and not so dry…go for Finn Crisp or something similar.
NeidaHesperia, CA


These are excellent crackers with high fiber content. As we eat these regularly in our household – I like to purchase by the case. Stay fresh and well packed in own case. I have no problem (as yet) with broken crackers or damaged product. My only disappointment me is cost as I have found them for $2.00 per package on sale at Fresh Market and regular price at World Market is $1.99. Awaiting an Amazon price drop to stock up again….
RamiroSun City, KS

Wasa “Hearty” packaging can be composted in San Francisco

I took the Wasa “Hearty” packaging to Recology in So. San Francisco and was told it can be composted. So, I use it as a garbage bag, keeping it in my refrigerator until the evening before the compost bin is picked up. The result is no garbage smells and no dirty Recology composting bin.
JackelineSanta Barbara, CA

good snack bread

I received these free of charge from Wasa in order to do a review & post about it on my blog, read here – http://dailyvitaminf.blogspot.com/2011/12/wasa-review-giveaway.html.

When I first tried these, I thought the texture was similar to stale bread. Althought the texture is extremely crunchy, the taste is great. There are so many ways to eat them (if you look at the recipes on their blog) & a lot of them are sooo good. If you are looking for a healthy snack, Wasa breads are the way to go. Even better than the crispbreads are the flatbreads. They are more like crackers, but have the “healthy” appeal.

MaryanneHermitage, TN

Enjoy your WASA crisp bread

I am hooked on WASA Hearty Rye Crisp bread because it is crisp,it is always the same,it will keep forever, it is economical,it contains a high degree of silicon which is a desired nutrient,not available to the same degree as it is in 100% rye. It is economical,and I have it auto shipped to me by Amazon.It does’nt get any better than that.
JacqulynNewland, NC

Great for dieting.

I purchased the product because of the 45 calories a serving. When they arrived I was a little taken back by the thickness of the crisps. They are pretty bland by themselves but I have been topping them as a snack in place of breakfast and lunch and it has been tying me over till dinner. They are proving to be very filling, and again, 45 calories per large cracker. If you’re looking for a replacement for lunch in an effort to lose weight then I would suggest giving this a shot, but you will have to experiment with low calorie toppings to go along with it.
EliRed Devil, AK

Great for topping with a nice sharp Cheddar.

These are so tasty…. good for topping with a nice sharp Cheddar. Handy to keep in the car for a quick crunch.
KurtisTillson, NY

It takes good & It’s GOOD 4 U

These crackers are tasty and healthy my whole family eats them for breakfast or lunch with many different toppings, such as peanut butter, jelly, Nutella cream cheese or you can make little sandwiches with cold cuts. They are a little too crunchy but you get used to them. Also they have good Fiber content. We’ve been buying these for the past 6 months. Amazon has the best prices and service. Thank you Amazon. (No I do not work for Amazon nor do I have stock in the company) But it feels like THEY WORK FOR ME!
ShondaAlliance, OH

Great cracker – snack or light meal

Tasty, crisp, hearty and filling; fiber, no fat and moderately low sodium content make it healthy, too. I often make a light meal of two of these with a slice of cheese and some fresh fruit and vegetables. Spread on some peanut butter (or low-fat cream cheese) and jam for a snack with a mug of coffee, tea or milk; tasty and beats cookies or Pop Tarts for nutrition. Hard to choose between these and the Wasa Multi-Grain crackers, except the Hearty rye crackers have a bit less sodium (70mg vs 80mg).

As much as I like them, I’ll admit that without a topping or accompanying soup, they’re a bit on the dry side.

Mine arrived two business days after I ordered them, with no breakage.

DeborahLawton, MI

My Favorite in all of the Wasa line

This is excellent. The flavor, the crunch, the thickness – it can’t be beat for a delicious crispbread. I eat low-carb and the crispbreads fit into a healthy plan (if you allow yourself whole-grains, unlike the Paleo diet). I am limiting my carbs to 50 or less per day so this is an occasional treat crispbread. I rely on the Wasa Fiber for everyday eating although this one is still my favorite, bar-none!

– Spread cream cheese and top with salmon or tuna and cucumber slices. (I do just cream cheese and cukes also)
– Top with tuna, chicken, egg, or salmon salad for an open faced sandwich.
– Peanut or any nut butters and jam makes a delicious PBJ open faced sandwich.
– Spread brie, goat cheese, or cream cheese and top with lunch meat.
– Leftover roasted chicken, beef or lamb and cheese makes a delish open faced sandwich.
– Hummus, Tzatziki, Eggplant spread or Ratatouille is tasty on top of your crispbread.

TerryBath Springs, TN

I love this so much

I love Wasa crisp bread and this is my favorite kind. It’s thick and crunchy with a good rye flavor. Tastes wonderful with cheese and deli sandwich meat. I use this for homemade “lunchable” type meals in one of my two-tier bento boxes, 2 slices of this, with fruit in silicone cups on top, top layer, cheese and meat and some vegetables. It’s tasty, quick, and easy and low fat depending on the kind of cheese you use.
DaniellFort Loramie, OH

my favorite wasa bread

High in fiber, great for diabetics with low salt and sugar. Kind of cruchy but great flavor. Excellent for dieting to keep the carbs low and yet provide a sense of fullness without exceeding calorie restrictions.
BritanyCoal Hill, AR

Healthy and yummy!

We had tried this product from our grocery store but decided to order from Amazon. What a great deal! A healthy delicious cracker at a “you can’t beat it” price!
YvonneNew Milford, CT