Wasa Sourdough Crispbread, 9.7 oz, 12 Count

Founded in 1919, Wasa has become the largest crispbread baker in the world, selling its products in 40 countries, from Scandinavia to America. The Wasa Bakeries are situated in Filipstad, Sweden and in Celle, Germany. These two locations bake our crispbread and our other products for countries all over the world. Wasa joined with the international food company, Barilla, in 1999 and has since flourished within this company. We pride ourselves on bringing families across the globe the healthy, great taste of Sweden’s favorite cracker. (033617340610)

Quick facts

  • Made from whole grain rye flour, dry sourdough, yeast and salt
  • 60 calories per slice and an excellent source of whole grains
  • Low fat, no cholesterol, low sodium
  • Try northern Europe’s favorite cracker with your favorite toppings
  • Product of Sweden, Kosher certified

Top reviews

What happened to our favorite crackers?

What a disappointment. Our crackers just arrived and are not the Wasa sourdough rye crispbread that we loved for decades. They were fresh and probably wholesome, but they are yeasty and without the tang of sourdough. They changed the ingredients, according to the list on the package, from whole rye flour, sourdough starter, water, and salt, to “whole grain rye flour, rye flour, water, yeast, dry sourdough, salt.” This is NOT an improvement.
JackieRidgeland, MS

This product is full of bugs which are alive. It is not edible!!!

This product is imported rye crispbread. It is full of small bugs. They seem to be thriving but the crackers are not fit for human consumption. The packages are marked, “30 NOV 11”. I assume this is the pull date but the bugs have been in the product for many months.

I want and deserve a refund! This product was purchased from Amazon.

MarlinWaterflow, NM

Low calorie, no fat, low sodium, snack food.

Needing to lose a few pounds, I was looking for an alternative to my usual potato chips and pretzels. Also, I wanted to reduce my daily salt intake.

I learned about Wasa crispbread from a favorable Consumer Reports review. So, I decided to give ’em a try. The texture and “mouth feel” is like eating a hard cracker. But unlike other brands of hard crackers, the Wasa “sourdough” crispbread actually has some flavor and decent taste, with just a hint of salt. I like the slight tang of the “sourdough” rye crispbread; which is my favorite. Taste vary – but I like and recommend the Wasa “sourdough” crispbread.

Package Nutrition Info (per serving):

Calories = 35

Total Fat = 0g

Cholesterol = 0mg

Sodium = 45mg

Total Carbohydrate = 9g

Dietary Fiber = 2g

Sugars = 0g

Protein = 1g

MerissaRosebud, TX

One of Life’s Staple Foods

I have a photograph of me as a 1 yr old chomping on a WASA crispbread and have eaten it all my life with butter or margerine and ham, cheese, cottage cheese with hot sauce, jam or plain. I grew up in Germany and there crispbread (Kneckebrot) and minearal water are simply basic staple foods. It is, contrary to what the American packaging states not sourdough at all (in it’s taste), but has a nice nutty wholesome flavor and is VERY crunchy, but does not break up like some of the thicker kinds of WASA crispbread. Substitute this for potato chips or white bread and you will save hundreds of calories. I used to get it in NYC delis and now order it bulk from amazon….
LalaGreenwald, MN

A healthy, tasty choice

When I was diagnosed as diabetic, I decided to try to control my glucose with diet. One of the tools to limit my intake of carbohydrates is my Wasa Sourdough Rye. It tastes as good as bread, even better now that I have become used a lower carb intake. By not eating bread, potatoes, pasta, and high sugar foods, I have been able to keep my glucose levels at a very steady 70 to 110. I reccommend this product.
LeisaHendersonville, TN

Better’n sliced bread

Originally looked to buy the WASA Light Rye, but it was out-of-stock. So, bought the Sourdough Rye instead, and glad I did because it has broadened my selection of favorite WASA brand crispbreads. And while I normally avoid products with yeast, I feel that the toasty crispness of the sourdough rye has neutralized any negative aspects (that yeast is a negative is my story and I’m stickin’ to it!) that may be derived from containing yeast. As for taste, great by itself or topped with a slice of ham with sauerkraut, or even with other varied toppings such as water packed sardines or blueberry preserves. Oh, some more good news is that moths will try to eat through the package of rye crispbreads, which means what’s inside is edible for humans too. I keep mine stored in the freezer, because it is so valuable. Should be a good nutrient source in case of prolonged emergencies as well.
LiaNicholasville, KY

A new favorite in our house

Bought this variety, frankly, because it was much cheaper than the Wasa Fiber variety (and much cheaper than the local grocery store.

We now have a new favorite!

Healthy and tasty alternative to toast in the morning with a little peanut butter and chased down with hot coffee. For lunch, spread a little butter or 1/2 American cheese slice on one, and put some tuna on it….almost too good to be legal. Our case arrived with 9 months of shelf life, about 7 months more than we needed.

Waiting for the next shipment to arrive.

StaceyGreeley, PA

Wasa Sourdough Crispbread

Wasa Breads would have my unconditional 5-star rating except for the breakage. When one expects a surface for spreading toppings, a package with half whole crackers and half crumbs reduces the satisfaction significantly.
AllieArthur, IL


I actually got a case of these at the store. They are so light. I first had these when in Europe while in the service. I carry these in the winter to work in case I get snowed in. It’s happened. I can put just about everything on it. Or I can eat them plain. They are also good for dipping into thick soup or stew. My only grump about them is the packaging. Once you open the thing the crisp bread starts going stale after a couple of days. Even after placing them in a plastic bag or container. That is why I gave them 4 stars.
EldridgeLithia Springs, GA

Good Stuff!

This is a wonderful, satisfying, & healthy product at a good price. We’ll be buying it for a long time to come.
TequilaArpin, WI


This is a great low calorie alternative to bread. Great with non fat cheese or peanut butter. Also good with swiss lite laughing cow cheese. I love em, couldn’t stay on a diet without em!
HowardClaremont, NC

Wasa Sourdough

I buy this is bulk as we use over a pack a week. Of all the various Wasa products, the sourdough is my personal favorite. It is thin and crisp, has a great taste and zero fat. They make a great low-calorie, medium fiber snack. Top them with sun-dried tomatoes for a treat. If you are adventurous, bake a head of garlic in the oven for 30 min. and spread it over the top of the Wasa crackers. My wife puts some yogurt on them and places some raspberries on top of the yogurt. Other uses are as a breadcrumb or croûton substitute in recipes and salads. If you use them in salads, it is best to dry off the lettuce or spinach first to keep them crispy.
RosieWinifrede, WV

Absolutely Fabulous.

What can I say I love sourdough. Sourdough anything!

This are light and tasty with a nice strong flavor. As thin as they are they still hold up to being smothered with Cream cheese or other favorite toppings.

A couple of these with some non-fat Cream cheese makes for a seriously quick and low calorie snack.

RacquelLincoln, NM

Very Great Product – As Long As Well Packed

I’ve eaten Wasa for more than 15 years – long before Oprah and Dr. Oz talked about how great it was for people regarding fiber, whole grains and lack of fat, preservatives, etc.

As long as the packers pack these well, and UPS is careful, it is great. I had one problem wheere the box was hit hard and the crackers inside got smashed. But they were replaced. Otherwise a 5 star rating for the Wasa product itself! No “insects” or anything else. Long expire date and very fresh.

DeberaLogan, OH

Not Sourdough

Warning: somebody must have messed up the packaging at the factory. These are not sourdough, these are plain.

The crackers are crispy and virtually tasteless.

Edit: I was just eating one of the crackers, and I noticed something crawling on my lip. The previous reviewer is right. These are full of small bugs. The bugs are hard to notice, but smash a cracker on a white piece of paper, and you will see them.
Yuck. I just ate half a pack.

TrumanTahoka, TX

The Greatest Compromise

I love this bread. I find it crunchy and delicious, and guilt-free. Low sugar, high fiber. Passes through your body like driving on an empty highway. It is the greatest compromise because it is somewhere between an absolutely-bad-for-your-health-bread and Styrofoam; closer to the latter, but definitely palatable. I’ve been buying pack of 12 again and again; time for this review, don’t you think so?
YevetteWillow Beach, AZ

Good Flavor and strong and Crisp

Tasty and great for spreads. Holds lots of spread and food, great for Swedish snacks!!
JessicaRockville, VA

Wasa and I

I was thrilled to find this crispbread on Amazon. It is a big part of my dietary needs. If I get hungry, but don’t want much but would like a little sweet, I just have Wasa crispbread (any variety)and peanut butter. It is filling and tasty.
LatriciaStorden, MN