Weaver’s Coffee and Tea, Sumatra Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags

Sumatran coffee is superb and captivating – a legendary bean with an intriguing flavor profile. One of the world’s most complex single origin coffees. This 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ coffee is earthy and smooth with a robust body. Inherent subtle flavors reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco, woody-cedar undertones and a warm maple sweetness in the finish.Hand-crafting coffee since 1980, John Weaver apprenticed under two legendary coffee experts, Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita. After nearly three decades spent perfecting his craft, he launched Weaver’s Coffee & Tea – recently named “Best Organic Coffee” on NBC’s TODAY Show.

Quick facts

  • Made using only 100 percent certified organic, fair trade certified arabica coffee beans
  • Fresh, hand-crafted artisan coffee
  • Hand-packed into a one-way valve package and sealed within minutes

Top reviews

The same as the Caramel

I had hoped for more after the caramel but this smells, looks and tastes the same. I am not a coffee junkie but would like to think I can smell/taste the difference between these two different blends from the same seller. Not so much. I’ll try another brand next time. Other reviewers have raved about this blend. Me… not so much.
ChelseyRobson, WV

Better than Altura’s Sumatra.

In the genre of un-sprayed, safe, organic coffee beans, this is as good as I’ve had…..and, as far as Sumatran bean goes it still is the best I’ve had in both organic and non-organic. A fine, rich flavor.
JonieElgin, MN

Smooth ambrosia

I have been a faithful drinker of Weavers french roast and have always been impressed with the flavor and freshness of their beans. I gave the weavers sumatra and was blown away by this brew. You will not be disappointed. Highest recommendation.
CandieReadlyn, IA

King of the Sumatra Coffees

Weaver’s is not the first Sumatra coffee but it surely is the best out there. You have to try it to believe it. Better yet, do what I did — I gave several bags of the whole bean Sumatra organic to an important client as a corporate gift and, for the first time after receiving a food product, the client raved about how great tasting Weaver’s was and then ordered it for their office full time. They realized that great tasting coffee need not be the exception but can and should be the norm. The Weaver Sumatra Organic Whole Bean is my favorite of the Weaver line of excellent coffees and teas. Try it and see for yourself!
FrankieGagetown, MI


exotic and fresh! been drinking this for years and love to try the new blends. get hooked up NOW! da best.
WmCatano, PR