Wel-Pac – Fueru Wakame

Wakame seaweed is one of the healthiest Japanese foods due to being rich in vitamins, minerals and even a compound called fucoxanthin which has shown to help burn fatty tissue. In Japan, eating wakame is often considered one of the best ways to get a smooth complexion and soft, luxurious hair.Usually used for miso soup and salad.Wel Pac Fueru Wakame Dried Seaweed used for salad, vinegar dishes, miso soup, ramen and endless counts of combination.Use Fuera Wakame in your favorite miso soup, suno-mono (vinegard salads), ramen, or udon. Fueru Wakame can also act as an elegant garnish for sashimi (sliced fish) platters. Fueru Wakame is convenient and easy to use – simply add cold or hot water and wait about five minutes, or or until rehydrated and desired tenderness is reached. Drain well. Add to soups and salads.

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Yummy lil things

THIS is not potato chip or tortia chip it’s seaweed in paper form.

please don’t create bad review if you were thinking this was something you could have for lunch.

This seaweed in paper form and is meant for soup / miso soup or quick appetite supresant.. .

please don’ give bad reviews on items that you didn’t research or things that you don’t understand.

CristopherDu Bois, PA

This is the best seaweed/salad!!!

This is basically a salad in a bag. I pour about half of it into a medium sized ceramic bowl and add distilled or filtered water to about 1″ above the dried greens. Then I wait for about 15 mins. I will taste one ribbon of seaweed to make sure it has absorbed enough water. If it hasn’t, I mix it and wait another minute. Then I pour off the extra water. I then add some soy sauce and rice vinegar (to taste) and mix. Serve. Makes about 2-3 servings.
It is really tasty! My friends who wouldn’t dream of eating just seaweed are amazed at how good it is. The first time I ever ate this was at a high end sushi place in Tokyo, since I live in the States, I was really glad when I found this!
MaileOneonta, NY

nice product

this product was shipped to my door in timely manner and the product is very nice, delicate, and helpful ingredient addition to my kitchen. the price is probably high but it beats a blank that i find in the local markets around my neighborhood.
RosannHayward, MN

Love this stuff

Eat this in some way every day. Easy, just sprinkle in your soup and wait a minute or two and its ready to eat. Note: a little goes a long way.
CorrieLuther, MI

Nice quality and consistency

I have had wakame in soup, etc. but I use this in skin products. I like this much better than the long tough strips of wakame. It blends up better, and is easier to work with in my opinion. If I were to use in soup, I would think this version would be easier as well due to it being sliced so fine and small. This is my second order, and won’t be my last.
CelesteMachipongo, VA

Dietary good sense

This is simply the best of its kind.
It is high quality for a competitive price.
When you get other bulk seaweeds- you’ll find god-knows-what when you re-hydrate it.
I rehydrate this fine product for 20 min., toss it in siv to get ALL the water out, then I mix it in a bowl with chopped scallions, tofu chunks, dried chow mein noodles, tamari/soy sauce and lime juice.

Peace. 😉

KristieBig Run, WV

Excellent product, excellent service

I looked online for this product because i couldn’t find it in any store in my area and i wanted to try a new recipe where wakame was key. The product is excellent, the service was impeccable and got the best price for product and shipping.
EliseLyons, KS

probably of good quality but do not use for facial mask

ok i want to make sure to state I am new to all the uses of seaweed. I did read on a website it is recommended to use dried seaweed for a facial mask, together with aloe vera. I followed the directions and my face was red and irritated like never before

I just wanted to make sure that if you try to use this product for a facial mask, do your homework, I can not say if I just had a bad reaction or if you are supposed to use another form of seaweed.

This is why I gave it four stars, because I know people have lots of different uses for seaweed, and I felt giving it a lower rating would not be fair, as it might be of great use and quality

Hope this was helpful to someone

RaleighMount Washington, NH

Great product

It arrived on time and is the product I expected.
Fast and efficient service and everything is as advertised. Thank uou
OthaFox Island, WA


Wakame is a product that sadly isn’t carried in any of the local markets around my area, so I turned to the internet to purchase some. This variety is delicious and quickly softens up in water. I’ve served it in miso soup and a seaweed salad so far with rave reviews. If you can’t purchase any from a local shop, this is a great option to consider.
RosieBallengee, WV


I really like adding this to soups and salads. I read the reviews of how many others incorporated the product into their recipes and was very glad I bought it.
ReinaldoWillow Island, NE