Wel11.5LB Chic Cat Food

Holistic Health is Easy, Even for Indoor Adult Cats. Wellness Indoor Health dry cat food is a complete and balanced, holistic formula of meats, grains and fruits for indoor cats. Typically leading a more sedentary lifestyle, indoor cats may experience weight issues, dry skin, and increased hairballs. The Wellness Indoor Health formula works to reduce these problems, in a tasty formula your cat will crave. Keep your indoor cat healthy with the holistic nutrition in Wellness Indoor Health dry cat food.One reviewer noticed after feeding his kitten Wellness Indoor Health, “…she is healthy, happy and gorgeous.”

Quick facts

  • Cats
  • High quality ingredients
  • Supports urinary health
  • 11.5lb bag

Top reviews

Did we get a bad batch?

My cats will eat anything – and I mean anything – probably because of the time they spent in the local shelter before I adopted them. However, even though they will eat anything, I invest in the best food I can find. I started out with Science Diet, then moved to Blue Buffalo varieties. I was happy with both of those, but I saw the Wellness Indoor Dry Cat Food recently and thought I would give it a try. I followed the same transition process I always do with new food, mixing a bit of new with the current. Because both of my cats are so easy-going, it only takes a few days to transition, and the only reason I follow this is to prevent any upset stomachs. My cats would be happy to jump right in with new food. I expected nothing different with the new $35 bag of Wellness. How wrong I was. For whatever reason, neither of my cats will touch this stuff. They ate around it when I had it mixed in with their other food. Once I started filling their bowls exclusively with this Wellness food, both of them stopped eating altogether. I carried the bowls to them, and both of them turned their faces away quickly and ran off. I really don’t understand what it is about this particular food that caused such a negative reaction. The ingredient list appears fine, and I certainly paid a premium for this bag of food – which I will now have to throw out. I thought about giving it to the local shelter, but if my former shelter cats hate it, then I don’t want to pass it off on some other cats, especially if I happened to get a bad batch. After another day of the cats refusing to eat, I headed out to 7-Eleven late at night to buy a little box of whatever cat food they had on hand. I brought home a small $2 box of Friskies, and my cats ate it up immediately. I don’t plan to continue with Friskies, but the fact that my cats went nuts for Friskies (out of hunger, sure, but they had never eaten Friskies in my home before), just confirmed my decision to throw out the Wellness. I cannot afford to ever buy this product again and I certainly cannot recommend it.
ShinState College, PA

Outstanding. Low Allergen

I love this cat food! I currently have four cats, two of which have food allergy issues. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 3/4 of them are finicky about dry cat foods! I settled on this brand after trying so many others (AvoDerm Natural Chicken and Herring Meal Formula Adult Dry Cat Food (18-lb bag), Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Dry Cat Food (15-lb bag) among others). This was the first one that not only did my cats love the taste of, but I saw a noticable change in my female cat who has the worst of the skin/digestive allergy issues. My male cat also showed improvement in his coat and skin. I mix this with another wellness product Wellness CORE Original Cat Food, 12 lbs. and they’re pretty happy cats! I also use the Wellness puppy Wellness Just For Puppy Dry Dog Food (30-lb bag) for our Vizsla and she loves it! I will be sticking with this brand!
DannaOakville, CT

Love It

I love the wellness brand of cat food.
My cats are doing so much better since we switched them three months ago.
Before we switched their food they were getting fat and shedding clumps of fur all over the place.
Not even my furminator could handle that much hair!
Now they are thinner and more energetic and the shedding has been reduced by at least 75%.
Which makes us all happy.
AlejandrinaSitka, AK

My cats love it

My cats love this food and I love it too because their poo is not stinky! I have two indoor casts and they are big boys (around 16 lbs each) so we notice when food doesn’t agree with them!
GinetteSonora, TX

So far so great!

When I brought home my Linney a couple of weeks ago, the shelter sent her home with a brand new bag of Science Diet, which all the cats at the shelter had been living on. I’ve been reading a lot about cat nutrition lately, and I ultimately plan on changing her to 100% wet food, no dry. I wanted to keep her on a pretty normal feeding routine for the first month or so, however, since she is going through so many changes already. I knew I wanted to get her off Science Diet (corn and animal by-products? And they are vet recommended?!?) ASAP, so after some research I thought Wellness Dry would be the best choice to at least get her off the crap food and on the way to a natural diet, while giving her as little stress as possible.

I transitioned slowly, adding 25% more Wellness each night until she was transferred. There were no issues with getting her to eat it, she loves the taste and transitioned very easily. She’s been on 100% Wellness for about four days now, and already I am seeing an incredible difference in her overall appearance. I honestly thought I wouldn’t see that big a change, as she never really had any issues. Her condition now, such a short time after switching, is amazing. Her coat, beautiful to begin with, is incredible. It’s so unbelievably soft, like the softest ermine. Her eyes are brighter. She hardly sheds at all, has stopped itching as much, and she actually seems calmer and has a better night-time routine than before. I’m being humble when I say she was quite flawless before, but this diet has turned her into something extraordinary.

Just by looking at the two you can see how superior Wellness is to Science Diet. The biggest observation is the fact that there is no coating of oily fat on the Wellness food, unlike on the Science Diet. ‘Junk’ brands spray their kibble with a fatty coating, which makes the food irresistible to the cat, and also adds a lot of problems, namely overeating and obesity. There is no such spray on the Wellness, and Linney loves it just as much, I am very pleased to say.

I am going to be taking her off this food eventually, as odd as it seems to say after such a rave review. From what I have gathered, a wet diet is the best thing for a cat and it is what I intend to do. Still, I don’t think I could have found a better transition diet for her, and I couldn’t be happier, and neither could Linney, for that matter.

WillettaHanska, MN

Real food for your cats!

If you want to feed your cats the best food you can find then this is it. All you have to do is look at the ingredients. Wellness is made with de-boned chicken! Cats need their diet to consist mostly of protein. If you look at the crap that’s in other brands you see a lot of grains or even worse. In some of the so called healthy cat foods you’ll see only chicken meal top the list, but that’s just not good enough. Chicken meal (meat, bones, skin, and byproducts) is fine for dogs, but a cat’s digestive system is more sensitive.
My cats are in great shape, and super healthy. They love the taste too. If only they made my food this way! Well, I guess we always have tofu and celery. Yum.
SamGermantown, NY

Great customer service

I left a comment on another review commiserating about our picky cats. My cat won’t eat this stuff, and he doesn’t care how good for him it is. The reason I still give this food five stars is really because of the company. I emailed the company from their website asking for samples of all their different foods so that I can find one which my cat will eat. They responded promptly, and within a few days I had samples of all of the different types of food that they have. Turns out my cat is more of a high protein kind of guy.
BrandeeWest Middletown, PA