Welch’s 100% Grape Juice Red

100% Vitamin C (D.V. per serving). From concentrate with Vitamin C. 100% Grape Juice. Contains 100% juice. Part of the family since 1869. Welch’s Grape Juice has been a family favorite for more than six generations. One of the reasons is the light, smooth flavor of Welch’s Red 100% Grape Juice, made with a unique blend of sweet, ripe grapes. Maintaining the highest standards for taste and goodness is the top priority of Welch’s owner, a cooperative of grape growers who are very proud of the trust you put in Welch’s. Pasteurized. No artificial flavors or colors added.

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This a delicious Grape Juice.It is good for anytime of the day and it is healthy for you and your children. I highly recommend this for all kids and adults.Please try this out.
EleanorAmbrose, GA