Wellaby’s Crackers Classic Cheese, 3.9-Ounce

Made with 24% real cheese, Wellaby’s Classic Cheese Crackers are the perfect gluten free snack! These crackers are great by themselves or topped with cheese.

Quick facts

  • Made in a dedicated gluten free facility
  • Baked, not fried
  • Gluten Free & Wheat Free
  • Free From: MSG, tree nuts, soy, peanuts and GMO
  • Living Well. Tasting Great

Top reviews

Tastes great, but lots of crumbs

As far as gluten-free goes, these are amazing crackers for taste & texture. Pretty much the closest substitute I’ve been able to find for club crackers/butter crackers.

On the down-side, I ordered the 6 pack of boxes and sadly every box was full of broken crackers. Not just one or two, but almost every cracker. I ended up saving the cracker crumbs to use instead of breadcrumbs in my meatloaf recipe, but it was so frustrating to not have intact full size crackers. Hopefully the company & Amazon will get better at packaging/shipping.

All told, I’ll try ordering them again because I can’t find this brand locally.

CatinaThida, AR