Wellness Healthy Weight Formula Dry Cat Food

Wellness Healthy Weight is a well-rounded, solution-focused diet of meats, grains and fruits for cats with a more sedentary lifestyle. We have focused on the nutrition that overweight cats need to remain healthy with less caloric intake. These cats tend to gain weight (lifestyle is more sedentary), experience hip and joint problems (from carrying excessive weight or aging), and tend to eat more (because they do not feel full). With this in mind, we have focused on lifestyle specific nutritio

Quick facts

  • 11.5-lb bag

Top reviews

Great Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Our cats (all 5 of them) are indoor and although we work on exercising them a weight control formula is a great product.

Wellness is one of the only brands that all 5 kitties seem to tolerate well. A little more spendy but worth every penny. I can even smell the blueberries in the formula.

I get this autoshipped through PetFoodDirect and they are fantastic.

RubieStrong, ME