Westbrae Natural Organic Whole Kernel Golden Corn, 15.25 Ounce Cans

When the original founders of Westbrae Natural opened the doors of their retail grocery store in 1970, Bob Gerner and Kristin Brun offered their customers homemade granola, organic vegetables from Bob’s garden, organic fruits from local farmers and whole grain baked goods using Kristin’s recipes. In the 1980s Westbrae became a line of natural, vegetarian products. Available in natural food stores as well as mainstream supermarkets, Westbrae Natural’s array of vegetarian foods includes beans, soups, pastas and vegetables. In addition, customers can find condiments, Japanese ramens, rice cakes and wafers, and yummy cookies, all made with integrity and the high Westbrae Natural standards. Westbrae Natural continues to develop and extend their line of natural foods, maintaining the original philosophy of environmental stewardship and helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Quick facts

  • Organic golden sweet corn with no artificial flavor, color or preservatives
  • Packed in water with organic dehydrated cane juice and sea salt
  • Low fat and cholesterol free
  • Right from the field and a good source of fiber
  • USDA certified organic

Top reviews


In buying organic canned corn I am making a tradeoff. I prefer fresh but that means trucking the corn in form where ever and then it would not have that sweet tasting fresh picked. So this corn is the next best thing, with a clean taste that really suggests fresh. I put this in with some root vegetables and I taste late summer all over again.
FredericaLogansport, LA

Vegan Organic Kosher Choice

Vegan. Organic. Kosher. Delightful ready-to-eat sweet golden corn kernals. High quality. Ready to enjoy as an organic side dish. Or easy to add to any soup or other of your organic kitchen creations. Tender. Flavorful & sweet. A year-round treat of beautiful organic sweet corn. 280 calories, 3.5g fat, and 7g protein per can. Made with organic golden sweet corn, organic cane juice, and sea salt only. Labeled “vegetarian,” but is vegan also. Westbrae is a top brand. Also really like all the Westbrae bean choices such as Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Soup Beans, 15 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) and Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Salad Beans, 15 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out “Vegan Grocery Favorites” and “Vegan Grocery Top Ten” in Listmania. Your “helpful” votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
StantonBivalve, MD

Unexpectedly flat taste (in a dented can)

Usually, organic food tastes sweeter and is more tender than food with preservatives and bug spray in them. This lot of Westbrae organic corn I bought from Amazon tasted oddly flat: very little flavor. It may have had something to do with the cans having arrived dented, I don’t know, or it was just a bad crop, or, who knows if it even was organic? Disturbingly, the cans were lined with that white plastic that is so controversial. Does the plastic contain endocrine disruptors that are in the news so much lately? I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if it hadn’t been for the off-flavor. I’m still open to buying organic canned produce, but I won’t be ordering this one again.
RobertoAptos, CA

Westbrae Organic Corn-Really good!

Tastes like fresh corn, has a wonderful texture. This will be a regular item on my Amazon shopping list!
GastonHays, KS