Wheat Thins, Sundried Tomato & Basil, 9-Ounce Boxes

Wheat Thins, Sundried Tomato & Basil, 9.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) are crackers that has a sundried tomato and basil flavor. These crackers are artificially and naturally flavored and is trans fat free.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 9-ounce boxes of sundried tomato and basil wheat crackers (54 total ounces)
  • Made with whole wheat flour and wheat germ; flavored with rosemary, basil and sundried tomatoes
  • Zero grams of trans fat
  • Hearty baked cracker with the goodness of whole grains, and zesty sundried tomato and basil flavor
  • Wholesome, heart-healthy snack

Top reviews

A Snack not worth the swelling

I had a handful of these crackers last night – and though they are tasty, my hands, face, and ankles swelled to a ridiculous size. I wasn’t sure if it was the crackers or something else I ate – so I ate them by themselves at lunch – and again, I am a swollen mess.

I didn’t realize the MSG content was so high. I won’t be eating these again. If you react to salt, sodium, or MSG – just stay away from these tasty little buggers.

BettyannConley, GA

Very strong taste and has MSG

I am disappointed since regular wheat thins don’t have MSG, but this variety does. I need to stay away from MSG, since I get migraines.
I am sure Nabisco can find a way to make a flavorful cracker without MSG.
These crackers have a very strong taste, and I found that the taste stayed in my mouth for a long time.
I prefer the original, unflavored wheat things.
BrandeeChualar, CA

Delicious, leaves aftertaste, caused MSG headache

These crackers taste absolutely delicious, but leave a coating/aftertaste in my mouth that lasts for a long time. Also, they contain MSG and for some people (I’m one of them) it causes a headache. The last time I binged on these crackers (and they are hard to put down!), I ended up with a crashing headache. Be forewarned!
InellHartford, NY

Something like a cracker, but more like a snack.

The ever-growing line of snack foods from Nabisco now includes a Wheat Thin with a zesty tomato kick. Each little canary-yellow box of Sundried Tomato & Basil crackers is filled with 9.5 ounces of the tastiest Wheat Thins yet. These inch and a quarter squares have been generously sprinkled with a zippy, zingy Italian-style flavoring that will remind your taste buds of a freshly baked pizza, or a delicious spaghetti dinner. They’re very light, very thin, and very crisp and crunchy. If you’ve got the willpower to limit yourself to a single serving of fifteen crackers, you’ll be consuming 140 calories; 240 milligrams of sodium; 6 grams of fat; zero grams of trans fat (whatever that is); zero cholesterol; and 5 grams of…drum roll please… “WHOLE GRAIN” (whole grain is all the rage these days, as you’ve probably noticed). If you’re growing weary of those boring old saltines, you oughtta try these new Wheat Thins. And don’t forget, they’re BAKED…not fried.
EvelineWaneta, KY


I wasn’t expecting much, having found a box of these for $2 at Big Lots , but they’re actually quite tasty. Most of the boxes were pretty dented, so I suspect that’s why they ended up at the close-outs store). I thought I’d have them all to myself, but it turns out all three picky eaters like them, too–probably due to the pizza like flavor with the crunchy cracker appeal that kids can’t resist.
RickeyGalesville, MD

Delicious snack

These crackers are very delicious and better for your diet than flavored chips. The Parmesan & basil Wheat Thins are also fun and different. Be warned they are highly addictive!
JakeNorthport, NY

Not your regular cracker

These are absolutely delicious. They have a bold flavor, which is, as another reviewer put it, quite addictive. Delicious on their own or with a delicate cheese, they take front and center on your taste buds.
TonyaOrangevale, CA

Perfect diet-friendly snack. Best flavor!

Wheat Thins have helped me lose 65 pounds by being a “legal” treat. The Sun Dried Tomato are the best flavor my husband and I have tasted. By purchasing them from Amazon as a subscription, we are able to know that we will have the flavor we want (usually sold out at grocery stores) for free shipping with a lower price. GREAT deal! Thanks Amazon.
BerniceMobile, AL

Tastes great, but Medium Quality

These are wheat thins, with some flavor added. The Flavor is very salty, and you can definitely taste the MSG that they added as a cheap way to spike the flavor. As far as i remember, you can’t really taste the basil at all.
YolandoNerinx, KY

Like little mini pizzas

These crackers seriously taste like little mini pizzas. A lot of times I’ll eat them with slices of sharp cheddar which just amplifies the flavors even more. Sure the ingredients list is a little longer than I’d like, but I don’t eat these too often so not a big deal. Still better than most chips out there.
MaudeForest City, MO

Yum yum

love the interesting flavor

hmm… now that i think of it, i think i used to buy chicken wraps that had a sundried tomato/basil paste
that combination is awesome!

NigelRockport, WA