Whiskas Temptations Mixups, Backyard Cookout, 3-Ounce

Temptations MixUps Treats contains a tasty flavor combination with an appealing crunchy outside and soft delectable inside. Each nutritious, low-calorie cat treat has only two calories for a healthy snack that provides a balance and variety to their daily diet. Backyard Cookout is chicken, liver and beef flavored.

Quick facts

  • Backyard Cookout is chicken, liver and beef flavored.
  • tasty flavor combination with an appealing crunchy outside and soft delectable inside
  • nutritious, low-calorie cat treat

Top reviews

Im skeptical as to what is in these things!

So my cat loves these things. She practically hisses at me at random times and jumps on the counter throws the bag on the floor and starts swatting the bag all over the house. I then put them in the cubbard and I found her in the cubbard one day crying to get out. Its insane. She acts like someone on crack. Im starting to question what they put in these. Is there really a lot of regulation regarding cat snacks. I doubt it. Ive tried to stop giving them to her but she then turns her back to me and pouts for days to weeks on end. It has taken me a while to figure out what was going on with her and I have narrowed it down to these Temptation snacks. Im concerned about what drugs they put in these.
WilletteStory, WY

Not for kittens less than 6 months old!

My 4 month old kitten usually eats another variety of Whiskas Temptations (Chicken Flavor Dentabites, which he LOVES!), but he’s gotten into the habit of eating my hair that I’ve shed and that’s fallen on the floor(gross, I know), so I decided to get him this hairball control variety of Whiskas Temptations. The fine print on the package says that it should not be used on kittens less than 6 months of age. I didn’t notice this until after I bought and opened the package. Hopefully, they’ll stay fresh for another 2 months.
NatoshaJacksboro, TX

Cat’s are fickel

My cat’s are spoiled, I’m sure they aren’t the only ones out there, but probably more spoiled than most. The price of most cat treats and even some canned food is cheaper than Wally World, especially with a subscription. These particular treats they love, until they get too many of them and then they want something different. I tend to have four or five varieties on hand at any given time. One cat seems to know that. On any given day he knows what he wants but just looks at me until I figure it out. If I just walk away, he will stalk me, or sit in front of the TV, or lay on the keyboard, whatever is most annoying until I give in and offer something else hoping I get it right. I know, I’m whipped. But be honest, if your thinking of buying these you probably are too. Chances are good your cat will like them, mine do much of the time. But they also like other flavors much of the time. Price is a little more but packages are larger. One strange thing with Amazon, different flavors of cat treats are different prices, even though they are all Temptations, Friskies, Party Mix, or whatever.
BasilOak, NE

Chester and Pumpkin both say “keepem’ comin’ please!

We have two cats. One is a large black Bombay 4 years old. The other a Teal Tabby 2 years old. We love our kitties. They are our family. We tried every cat treat we could find and many large animal supply (and small) chain stores and neither Chester or Pumpkin would have anything to do with them except turn up their nose and walk away. Then we came on “Temptations”. Now, unfortunately, they whine for them all day. But, loving parents as we are, they usually get them. An inexpensive and tasty treat. They get the best food, and now thanks to “Temptation” the best treats. All they need to get now is a JOB!
PorscheCharter Oak, IA

Does wonders for bad breath

We adopted a neighborhood cat a few months ago. She is very nice, but had horrible breath even after we started feeding her various special cat foods. Otherwise great cat, but when she would yawn in your lap, you had to fight fainting.

We took “Dentabites” more for fun since our cat loved other whiskas tempations we tried with her, but well, thought let’s try to see if it really can do anything about her breath. After about a week of giving her dentabites, we noticed her breath “improved” and after 2 weeks it was amazing. Her bad breath is almost completely gone, or gone as much as it can without brushing teeth i suppose. We didn’t change anything in her diet at the time so we were pretty sure it was dentabites that did the job. Also, since then, we’ve been feeding her various foods but keep the dentabites snacks and bad breath hasn’t returned… one more point to be sure that Dentabites really work.

Really great product. Just a few treats a day make enormous difference. Highly recommended.

PattyVineland, NJ

Made my cat sick

My cat had a very bad reaction to these treats. He loved them, but they were like an extreme laxative. It took me a while to track down his problem. Maybe it was the chlorophyll, I don’t know, but if your cat has a sensitive stomach, I’d be careful with these particular treats.
LanelleElk Mills, MD

Happy Kitty

Our kitty is spoiled she gets tuna, lunch meat, wet food, dry food and once in a while a little ice cream. 🙂 But her all time favorite thing has to be temptation treats(all flavors). She will sprint across the house when I get home, jump on the bed and wait for her treats to be delivered. We were worried she was overweight but the vet says she’s in great health and a little “fluff” is to be expected on a house cat.
IsaacFlorence, AZ

Banish hairballs!

All of our cats love this product, they anticipate it actually, and meow and meow until served! We’ve tried other products but have had limited success and repeatedly been surprised by gooey blobs of purged hairballs. Since using Whiskas we have not had one cat purge a hairball and I am grateful, truly. I would love it if they would come in bulk, on our first shipment, none of the zip locks on the bags worked. This second shipment seems better but I’d still rather empty them all into a larger container than deal with the zip lock.
MagalyLaura, IL

Really works for hairballs!

Since we have been following the package directions that say to feed 10 treats at one time, our cat rarely throws up at all and her stools are plumper. She has always had tiny, hard stools until we started feeding her these treats. We can tell by her stool if she hasn’t had a 10 treat dose in a couple of days. She eats these as readily as any other packaged treat we give her. A great find as cleaning up grassy vomit almost every day was getting quite tedious! The auto ship feature is also a big plus. We can’t always get these treats here on our island when we need them. Thanks Amazon!
SigneFrisco, TX

My Cats Love These

Specifically they love this flavor. I’ve taught them to do tricks using these treats because the cats want them so much that if they can figure out what I’m asking, they do it to get the treat! But they are smart boys.

I don’t like some other treats because they are as small as kibble. These are big enough for me to hold between two finger tips while the cats take them.

My cats ask for these each night around treat time. One of my cats eats dry food almost exclusively (no canned food, no meat scraps, etc) and he is often the first to ask for these treats.

SelmaCrumpler, WV

My cat loves these!

I was happy to find these on Amazon, it’s my cat’s preferred treat! I give them to her while I’m eating dinner, it’s like her dessert for her own meal.
Update 6/4/12: My cat still loves these treats, but they’re more expensive at Amazon (even with a subscription!) than at my grocery store, so I’ll continue to buy them, but not here, sorry!
MosesMorley, MO

The only treats my cat will eat

So my Mom often buys bags of kitty treats for her “grandkitten”… and I find it so hilarious that if it isnt the Temptations treats in the yellow bag, he will NOT touch them. We can mix different brands together in a pile, and he will pull the Temptations treats out with his paw and leave the others. Its unreal. Either they just hit the jackpot with the perfect cat-seducing ingredients, or they have some sort of addictive substance in them…. who knows! 🙂 I only give them 4 stars because they are not the “healthiest” treat for a cat, but honestly… he just loves them so much I cant say no.
LashawnaOnondaga, MI

It’s Cat Bait

I can make my cats do the silliest things to get these. I like to put cardboard boxes around the living room and toss treats into them at random. The cats will leap into the boxes, gobble the treat and then leap out waiting to hear where the next one will go. It’s pretty dang entertaining. They sure don’t do this for anything else. Something about these treats drives the cats crazy and I love it.
SavannahGrimstead, VA

cats love these

MY cats love these treats they go crazy when they see the package.I have four cats and two of the younger ones eat only whiskas temptation
EdwinaWaterville, IA

Some of their favorite treats

These treats have more nutritional value than others I have seen. No guilt about giving them to my kitties and they love them. I mix a few in with their regular dry food.
DebraRichville, MN

Favorite treat

The tuna flavor never fails to entice my cats to eat greedily, no matter how often. Temptations gets a thumbs up as the best treat I’ve found and it has the meets the full nutritional needs as well.
LilianaOrient, ME

Great for keeping away hairballs!

I absolutely love this product. The cats enjoy them and they keep hairballs away. I have signed up for auto-ship because I couldn’t live without them.
ErnieDallastown, PA

Jet loves his treats!

My cat loves these treats and getting them at a savings sent right to my door is an added bonus! Thank you!
IselaWoollum, KY

Kitty Absolutely loves em

My kitty can’t get enough of ’em. She loves them so much that she does anything to get them. Sometimes she’ll stand on her hind legs and meow for several minutes letting me know that she wants them. What enjoyment I get from knowing she loves her treats.
MaxineNorth Marshfield, MA

Roxy’s favorite

My cat loves Temptations and turkey is her favorite.
Ordering in quantities from Amazon is a great time and money saver!
She also loves the chicken and tuna…she’s very particular…I can’t sneak in any other flavors but these three.
MyrticeSisseton, SD

Love these!

My cat loves these treats. Whenever she sees the bag, or hears it crinkles, she starts to meow. She has a hairball problem, and these treats help with that.
ScottieMalden, MA

cat treats

the salmon flavor treats help keep my cat from being bored with the same treats all the time. Plus they are very nutritious.
BobbyLa Palma, CA

cat treats

the beef flavor is Blossom’s favorite. She likes them all, just this one is her favorite. I like that they
help keep her teeth clean.
ShirleyPine Grove, LA

Maybe too good, cats don’t want anything else!

We occasionally feed a couple stray cats as they are good at keeping the mice and snakes away. Once in awhile we will give them some of these Temptations Cat Treats and they are crazy about them! They will only eat the regular cat food if their efforts at getting more of the Temptations Treats doesn’t work. One of them will sit at the door and meow and meow but eventually goes and eats the regular food. We have tried all the different varieties of Temptations Treats and they don’t have a preference, they like all of them. If you want something to really great to give your cat, try any variety of the Temptations Cat Treats but be prepared for your cat to start begging for these all the time. The one thing we cannot tell is how good nutritionally these are for cats, the package says 100% nutritionally complete but not sure what that means in this case. Even if you could feed a cat these alone, that would be way too expensive so for now I will balance a few treats with regular varieties of dry cat food.
BeatrisMesa, CO

We love Temptations!

We have 5 cats who live outdoor. They come in for 15 mn every evening and I give them treats.
They get super excited every time I give them the Whiskas Temptations and not so with the other brands but I keep on alternating the brands to avoid dependency 🙂
By the way, this is after I gave them all a slice of ham!!!

Hope this helps!

DonnieGhent, NY

Buy At Your Own Risk; Cat Will Choose TREATS Over YOU : )

Well, here I am, buying my SECOND 12-pack of these treats.

My Egyptian Mau is absolutely NUTS over these and has treat time pegged to two 5-minute windows of time each day.

These are great hard-coated treats and my cat loves them like no other. These packs are the same 3 ounce size I used to buy at the grocery store & every one has been fresh and in excellent condition. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save price is much lower than the local stores’ prices.

You know what they say: “Dogs Have Owners. Cats Have Staff.”

Maybe he needs his own Amazon account? No, that would be too dangerous. I can see a garage filled to the brim with cat toys and a house furnished with nothing but cat trees, live birds, and bowls of goldfish…

Try these treats; you won’t be disappointed (and neither will your cat, which may be most important)!

GayeBooneville, AR


My kitties love these treats. This flavor is a favorite of some of the kitties at the rescue center to which I donate. Other of their kitties like other Temptation flavors .. but they all come running for them. Whiskas Temptations Seafood Medley Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) I always include some of these treats whenever I am sending a donation of whatever I am ordering for the center.
Amazon also donates a percentage of the order to the rescue center when ordered through the link on the rescue center’s webpage. Thanks Amazon.
MyriamBalta, ND

My cats love Temptations

My cats loved these treats and I think that they really help with releasing the hairballs, I noticed some changes in their litterbox which prove to me that these treats help with hairballs issues, I am going to buy again from these treats before my cats finish them out.
ClarenceGeneva, NE


I have four cats. One cat is totally addicted to this treats – she is ridiculous about it. Two cats could care less; and the fourth cat likes them but doesn’t get crazy about getting them like the addicted cat. Love the subscribe & save for all my cat treats and foods – makes my life easier.
RaeannFairfield, FL

My Cat LOVES These Treats!

Shadow won’t touch most cat food and no “people food”, but I saw the reviews and thought I would give Temptations a try. Imagine my surprise when I found he LOVES them — he will even do tricks to get them!!
DanilleGreenhurst, NY