White Cow Ears – 50 pack

Cow ears are 100% digestible and a lot less fatty than Pig Ears. Dogs love the great taste.

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Big Bag of Waste! Dog Hides From Them!

Am I the only one with dogs that have sense enough to know these are not a natural source of food? I mean don not get me wrong dogs have been known to eat or chew on anything from your mother-in-laws umbrella to your hundred dollar remote. But please….my dogs will not even get within 10 feet of these. Seriously! They run & hide. And I have both large outside and small inside breeds. My dogs act as if it will bite them and they get anxious & nervous if I toss one there way. They jump at the smallest noise then. What gives?
NigelMarina Del Rey, CA

Great value for the price.

This is a big ol’ bag of ears, good quality, no smell, all large to average size ears. Much healthier choice than pig ears, not fattening and last longer. Unlike rawhide doesn’t cause blockages. I have big dogs and need chewies in bulk, this is a better deal than my co-op or walmart had to offer.
TanikaKnights Landing, CA