White House Roasted Coffee, Ethiopia Mocha Harrar


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Pleasant aroma, modest body, lively acidity . . . absolutely delicious!

Ethiopia Mocha Harrar is very different from ordinary coffee. A cup of Americano made with their beans amazed me. My nose drew me to the rich, complex, pleasant aromas. My mouth were excited about the modest, elegant body. The sharp acidity left my throat dry and pungent, and raised the desire for more coffee.

Now I feel very happy thanks to the delicious cup of Harrar coffee. Happily, their beans are affordable unlike Kona and Blue Mountain. I can’t drink ordinary, harsh, flat and bad taste coffee any longer.

LauriOrangevale, CA

White House Ethiopian harrar

The White House Ethiopian mocha harrar was very disappointing. I’ve had Ethiopian coffee before (Meijer used to sell it) and it was outstanding. This tastes like low priced grocery store joe. None of the fresh winey flavor you would expect for a good African bean. Very disappointed, now I’m stuck with 3 bags.
StephnieRose Hill, MS