White Stilton with Mango & Ginger

White Stilton with Mango and Ginger is a delicious dessert cheese. The mild White Stilton Cheese is a young distant relative of the famous Blue Stilton. The addition of pieces of mango and spicy ginger to the crumbliness of the refreshing stilton cheese is something you need to try as you may be surprised.

Quick facts

  • Imported from United Kingdom
  • Cow’s Milk
  • Semi-soft Texture
  • Great Dessert Cheese
  • Cut as 1 pound or 2 x 8 ounces

Top reviews

Marvelous dessert cheese!

My local organic food co-op sells this cheese for short periods each year. I discovered its wonderful sweet, tangy taste and creamy texture two years ago. I am always left craving more after the supply is exhausted each year. This cheese was just what I craved. Arrived in perfect condition. I will order again!
ThereseTeller, AK

White Stilton is Delicious and Scrumptous!

I love this Cheese. It’s soft and the ginger with mango texturize it, delighfully.

I would recommend that you would buy it from Gourmet-Food dot com, directly, since it will cost you about ten dollars less (in shipping) than buying it directly from Amazon.

I will buy their Chocolate Capri for the holidays.

SaturninaGlen Flora, TX

excellent cheese

Loved the flavor. The packaging was very secure and protected the product. We will be ordering this product again. Serve it at room tempature.
TommyPaulina, LA