White Truffle Infused Sea Salt

Truffles are said to be at their best in Piemonte. It’s Piemonte, in the city of Alba, that plays host to the world’s largest truffle market, a loud and competitive frenzy of truffle buying and selling. Domenica Bertolusso, who owns a truffle shop in Piobesi d’ Alba, has been in the truffle business since the 1960s. One of the few women in this male dominated business, Domenica is passionate about all things Piemontese. Despite the small size of her operation, Tartuflanghe is one of the region’s most influential truffle sellers. Domenica started her business with just a few truffle products, but she has expanded her line to include truffle pasta, truffle oil, truffle risotto and truffle salts. The essence of these Piemontese white truffles are infused into sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean. They impart a strongly pleasant bouquet to risotto, pasta and egg dishes. With this fragrant truffle salt, you can indulge in one of Italy’s greatest treasures without blowing a hole in your budget.

Quick facts

  • Indulge in one of Italy’s greatest treasures on a budget
  • Excellent with pastas and risottos

Top reviews


I originally received an outdated jar from AG Ferrari, but this was quickly rectified with no hassle whatsoever.

As to the salt: boy is it fragrant. The aroma even leaked out of the sealed jar, and the salt makes a wonderful addition to eggs, potatoes, and the like. Italian white truffles are THE truffle in Italy, and this salt comes from the region that is famous for them. Unfortunately they are prohibitively costly, but this product, albeit not cheap, comes the closest to those amazing truffles I have experienced since I went to Alba many years back. Highly recommended.

ShantelleLeft Hand, WV