White Yogurt Coating, 1 lb.


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I am extremely dissatisfied with the product and customer service from this company (Barry Farm). It says on the page for this product “Usually ships within 6 to 10 days”. I ordered this product over three and a half weeks ago and just received it. I was still charged over $8.00 for shipping (more than the item was worth). I took precautions for the product not to sit in the sun and melt, ordering it so it would be delivered on a day I was home. This effort failed; the shipping and delivery dates changed…twice. I got an email from Amazon stating that they had not received notification of shipping from the seller (Barry Farm). I emailed the seller, received no response. I then got an email from Amazon a day later with a delivery time frame. The product did not arrive during the stated time frame (late). When it finally arrived, I received a bag of melted goo. But the interesting thing was, it was evident that the product had melted before, re-hardened, and then began to melt again in my mailbox. Due care was not taken to package the product in a manner that MAY have helped prevent such damage. I will not be ordering from this company again.
LonLanesboro, PA

Not what I expected

First it took over 3 weeks to arrive and then it looked nothing like the picture. I just have big blocks (cheese wedge shaped) of the coating.
QueenieFreeman Spur, IL


I used these as a healthier option than chocolate for some cake pops. The yogurt is strong and tasty. I would buy again.
JaleesaGreenville, MS

White Yogurt Coating

The product arrived in nice shape. I was worried that it would be melted. The packaging was good, and of course I was home at the time of delivery.
CollinGalien, MI

Sweet & Smooth

I used these to icing cookies. They were a nice alternative to regular icing. I found it to be slightly less sweet than confectioners sugar. I dipped the cookies in the yogurt and the icing great flavor.
SharriLittle Meadows, PA