Wholesome Sweeteners Zero Packets, 35 Count Box

Wholesome Sweeteners is pleased to introduce ZERO. At last, a zero calorie sweetener with zero Glycemic Impact that’s all natural! Zero has no artificial ingredients, making it the perfect replacement for synthetic sweeteners currently in the market. Zero is made just from all natural sugar cane juice, which is naturally fermented and crystallized to create the Erythritol. Suitable for diabetics, calorie-counters, vegetarians. Everyone, basically! GMO-FREE. Handy 5g packets in a 35-count carton. Perfect for people on the go!

Quick facts

  • Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic Index
  • No chemicals are used in the production of Wholesome Sweeteners Zero
  • Zero is great for diabetics, seniors, active adults, and because Zero is made from plants, it is also perfect for vegetarians.
  • It is a great sweetener for coffee and tea, sprinkled over fruit or cereal, or in sweet sauces–it takes its flavor a minute or two to “bloom.”
  • Zero is 70% as sweet as table sugar. But with zero calories and zero on the glycemic index, consumers can indulge with zero guilt.

Top reviews

Tastes just like sugar

Erythritol (main ingredient) is a by product of sugar refining… and it tastes like the real thing. It’s great on cereals, and can also be used with baking as it is heat stable. When baking, it does alter the texture a bit- but not the flavor. I keep it on hand at all times 🙂
MarkCenterville, IN

Zero Replaces Agave for Me

I have coffee every morning and I have been using Agave because I am Diabetic and it doesn’t raise my glycemic index. Some days, I have 2 cups. I realized that Agave has 60 calories per tablespoon; therefore 2 cups of coffee daily I automatically acquired 120 calories.

I sampled Zero at New York’s 1st GreenFestival. This after I put Stevia in my necessary morning coffee. Stevia has a taste that I cannot tolerate. And, I will not use artificial sweeteners although nutritionists recommend these to people with diabetes. I would rather drink coffee unsweetened — until now.

Zero tastes like sugar only a little less potent. It has No after-taste! No chemicals! The fact that it has 0 calories and doesn’t raise my glucose — I was ecstatic! Finally something not a chemical, that sweetens enough to satisfy, and no calories or affect on my diabetes.

Now if we can only get it in the stores!!!

Thanks Wholesome.

RayeSugar Grove, NC