WhoNu? Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies, 12.9oz Box


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  • WhoNu?
  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • 12.9oz Box
  • Pack of 3

Top reviews

SO delicious!

I bought these locally, not from amazon. I’m in Arizona and they are sold in Albertsons and Bashas stores. They are absolutely delicious and taste just like other cookies. I bought all four of the “flavors” to test them out. The only one I didn’t like was the chewy chocolate chip. All others though are wonderful. I count calories and try to eat healthy, but I do indulge with treats sometimes. This is the perfect treat since it has all the vitamins and fiber! I will never eat a regular cookie again. What’s the point when you can actually get nutrition from tasty cookies!?
DominicaHampstead, NH

These are good but……………………..

these are grossly overpriced. It is a package of three boxes but when you take into account that they are a dollar of two per box than they should be, you then have to pay for shipping. Sorry, I would skip them. My local grocery store carries them and a box is anywhere from 2.98 to 3.49 each. Although these are healthier than some other cookies, you still have to watch the fat, sugar and salt contents. Whole foods are much better for you but in a moment or two of indulging, these fit the bill. Just the price on this site is ridiculous! Ask your grocer to start carrying them.
BretEvart, MI

No more guilt snacking the grand-babies!

These cookies are amazing. They taste as good as if not better than the original brands. I only wish local stores would catch on and carry this cookie.
LatrinaScammon Bay, AK


These cookies are ridiculous. They are just as delectable as … well… any popular chocolate-sandwich-with-cream-center-cookie you can think of 🙂 When you compare them, they are slightly larger in serving size (2g bigger), and still they have about 10 fewer calories, the same fat, sugar, and carb content, but 25% less saturated fat, three times the fiber, and are MUCH more nutritious (loads of vitamins, minerals, etc). Plus, you don’t HAVE to eat 3 cookies, you can just have one or two (good luck). Everyone who has come to my house has asked to try one, and they went crazy for them. If you are craving something sweet after a meal and still want to put good things into your body, you will absolutely love these cookies. Delicious to munch and no weird after-taste whatsoever (unlike the WhoNu chocolate chip cookies). Just sweet, chocolatey, Oreo-esque yumminess.

I will say, though, that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why they’re so expensive on Amazon. Maybe because they’re not in every grocery store yet, so, when combined with shipping, Amazon can get away with charging a little more? Who knows. I know I bought them here for convenience, and I’m so glad I got three boxes. I know you can find them in ShopRite or WalMart for around $3.

Wherever you end up getting them, enjoy!

AdellPalmetto, FL

WhoNu? Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies ~~ DELICIOUS AND HEALTHIER THAN THE MAJOR NAME BRAND !!!

These chocolate sandwich creme cookies by WhoNu? are every bit as delicious as similar brands but they are healthier for you. True, they have almost the same sugar, fat and carb amounts of the best-known name brand of these cookies; but as others have noted they also give you fiber with noticeably more vitamins and minerals than that other brand. This is a plus!

They’re really good as a snack and it’s hard to stop at the serving size of just three cookies; but I guess I’m allowed an occasional guilty pleasure! As I write this they are a bit too expensive on this website; try looking for these cookies elsewhere unless you want the convenience of having them shipped to your door.

Overall, these awesome chocolate sandwich creme cookies by WhoNu? are the best! I definitely recommend them as an excellent, healthier alternative to the major name brand of this type of cookie.

I love `em! Enjoy!

WanettaBaldwinsville, NY

Delicious, but…..

I love these cookies, they taste exactly like Oreos. But unfortunately, every time I eat them (2 cookies at a time)I get horrible headaches and migraines (which I don’t get from real Oreos) Its obviously caused by some of the ‘nutritious’ ingredients. Another thumbs down—they include vitamin K which should not be eaten by anyone on blood thinners, or for anyone middle-aged or older who overindulges in these cookies be warned—vitamin K can cause blood clots.
LucretiaLemmon, SD


I really liked these cookies when they first came out. But then I got a little tired of them. They have a bit of a gritty texture, and they don’t taste the way you hope they will when thinking of an Oreo. They are worth eating if you have a bad craving, but I can’t eat more than one or two. The different taste gets to me. There may be an ingredient in them that doesn’t agree with me. They contain vegetable oils, just like Oreos do. Palm oil is in practically everything these days because it is cheap for companies to use. When I eat it, it leaves a thick, greasy film in my mouth and throat. Store-made cake frostings, cookies, cupcakes…anything that has it leaves that feeling, and I don’t like it at all. Some are worse than others, making it hard to swallow. This happened when I ate a double-stuf chocolate WhoNu cookie. Palm oil is listed as an ingredient. I stopped buying them and the regular chocolate. I only get the vanilla version. They contain palm oil as well, but I’m guessing it is less because they don’t bother me. I like them much better. It’s weird because I like chocolate sandwich cookies better than vanilla ones in general. But with Whonu, the vanilla wins for me.

Yesterday I had a craving for a chocolate sandwich cookie, and I bought Oreos. Even Oreos don’t taste as good as they used to. I guess since the trans fat change in products. The WhoNu cookies have the extra vitamins and nutrients, and less sodium. But the Oreos have a better flavor. The difference in fat content doesn’t seem to be very different. Actually, the difference in sodium doesn’t seem very significant, either. I decided I’d rather eat a few Oreos than a few of these. It’s something you have to decide for yourself when comparing the pros and cons.

EboniLewisville, ID

Really good cookies!

This review is based on taste only, not nutritional value or any of the other qualities or selling points of these cookies. I wrote three sort of similar reviews for this brand of cookies. This review is for those who are looking for a cookie because they want a cookie, not vitamins or fiber or whatever. I bought them because I have a sweet tooth and wanted some cookies and these were on sale plus I had a coupon. I purchased the crispy cookies, the vanilla sandwich cookies and the chocolate sandwich cookies. I thought they were all very good and would not hesitate to buy them again. I found these cookies to taste very good, very similar to an oreo except that the cookie part was a little thinner and crispier than an Oreo. Oreos might taste a wee bit better but then they’re Oreos, come on. A cool fact I found out when I was looking up ingredients for Whonu Chocolate Sandwich cookies and Oreos, the first ingredient in regular Oreos is sugar and in these cookies and most other sandwich cookies I think it is flour. I found that interesting for some reason. Anyway, out of the three flavors I tried this was my least favorite but only because I like vanilla ALOT, these are still great tasting chocolate sandwich cookies!
LesterThayer, IL