Wicked Jack’s Tavern Jamaican Rum Cake, Butter Rum, 20-Ounce Boxes

Moist, buttery, full of flavor, Wicked Jack’s True Jamaican Butter Rum Cakes. As the story goes in the town of Port Royal, Jamaica, during a time and place where debauchery and mayhem were common, sat Wicked Jack’s Tavern. A respectable establishment frequented by any number of questionable characters such as buccaneers, sailors and others who desired a taste of some of the famous fare the Tavern was known for. Named after Wicked Jack Scarborough, a mysterious gent and original proprietor who founded the tavern and disappeared suddenly without a trace weeks after opening. Taking over the helm was a robust old widow, known to locals, as “Ol Gran” believed to be a cousin of Jack Scarborough. Who, despite her kindly demeanor drew a hard line with her clientele. Even the harshest patrons considered cleaning up their act a small cost to pay for the opportunity to indulge in some of Ol Gran’s specialties. Her most popular concoction was the tavern’s own rum cake. The legend of Wicked Jack’s Tavern lives. We believe delicious recipes made with the worlds best rum and combined with the finest ingredients is how Ol Gran built Wicked Jack’s reputation. Even if you’ve never sailed the seven seas, you can still taste the legendary goodness in every bite of our True Jamaican Rum Cake. There is no better rum than Jamaican Rum and no better rum cake than Wicked Jack’s Tavern.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 20-Ounce (Total of 40 ounces)
  • Moist, buttery, full of flavor. Trans fat free.
  • Buttery vanilla soaked in the finest Jamaican rum
  • Inner plastic wrapper in a sturdy box
  • Made in the United States

Top reviews


This is the first time I’ve tried rum cake, and I’m really liking it. Rum cake is made by letting rum soak into the cooked cake, but the cake is not soggy – it is nicely moist. The cake comes sealed in a disposable bundt cake tray packaged inside a box. It does not taste stale or overly processed. There is obvious rum taste, but it is not overpowering. For those who might be concerned with alcohol content, I ate a rather large slice, and did not feel a buzz at all. You don’t have to worry about having anyone 21 or over sign for the package, it’s just a regular grocery item. The package seems to suggest slicing the cake into ten pieces (210 calories per slice), but that leaves you with a smaller slice than I normally like to eat. I could live with slicing it up into eights. The cake is decadent enough, you feel satisfied after eating one slice for treating yourself to something good for dessert, though I would happily finish off half the entire cake in one sitting.
WillowMarsland, NE

Just ok

I like the Tortuga original better than this cake. First of all the rum is cooked with butter and other ingredients, depending on how you like to make it, and made into a glaze. There are some people that think the rum is soaked in straight from the bottle and I am going to assume that these people don’t drink. In this brand the rum is not as intense. I am not sure what brand or type of rum they use but it is weak. The cake is crumbly, it was falling apart as I tried to slice it. If you serve this with ice cream or create some kind of dessert dish then I am sure your guests wouldn’t mind. On the other hand it is a good price.
ValeriaNewhall, IA

Better than the Tortuga Brand

Great flavor…great price. I usually buy Tortuga brand. I will switch to this brand from here on out.
NedraMaynard, IA

Rum Cake gifts

I loved these cakes while we were on our cruise, and now I can order them as gifts for our friends.
DaleSedalia, MO

Adult Twinkie

I got this on the Friday Sale at a great price. The packaging is good. The cake is vacuum sealed. However, there are too many chemicals in the cake. It tastes like a rum soaked twinkie without the cream filling. I was able to salvage the first cake using some homemade rum-raisin ice cream. I will not be buying these cakes again.
CharityMilan, TN

Excellent packaging and rich flavor…

These bundt cakes come well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box which is sealed with plastic. Inside, is a plastic molded bundt pan which is also fully sealed in airtight plastic wrap.

Originally, I purchased both Tortuga and Wicked Jack’s rum cakes to compare against each other for an upcoming party I was hosting. The Tortuga rum cake was tasty and what you would expect from a pre-made cake. However, the Wicked Jack’s Tavern rum cake is so much more moist and flavorful. It is amazingly moist, drenched in butter rum flavor and can go from box to serving platter in seconds. Since I mention how moist it is, (after a couple purchases and messy flip-overs) I would suggest flipping it onto a platter and making sure to tap the bottom of the bundt pan several times so that when you lift the pan it fully comes out in one piece.

I think that you could even pass this off as home-made if you wanted, it’s actually that fresh. However, since my family and friends already know exactly what my rum cake tastes like (a holiday tradition here for years) I have no problem bragging about the Wicked Jack’s brand. I have yet to hear a single negative comment about it and I’ve actually served these cakes about a half dozen times now for different get togethers.

Huge thumbs up on Wicked Jack’s and I’m glad I went ahead and tried this out through Amazon, having never seen it in a store. This blind pick is actually one of my most satisfying (literally!) purchases I’ve made in the last few months!

GussieHastings, NE

Wicked Jack’s is Wicked Good

My son is a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan. Wondering if they would still be edible, we sent 4 of these over for his Birthday and as expected he shared them with his fellow Marines. Well the reviews are in and it was simply stated that “Wicked Jack’s was Wicked Good”. What else can I say about a cake that traveled thousands of miles over a 2 week period and was considered excellent when it got there.
DeonTripp, SD

Unexpectedly fresh

You’d expect a cake travelling thousands of miles to be dry and old, but Wicked Jack’s is the complete opposite. It comes in a scary amount of packaging, which keeps it soaked with sweet sweet syrupy rummy flavour. If you’re taking it to a party- make sure to unwrap it first as the packing really is scary. But once out of the plastic, you could totally pass this off as your great-grandma’s rum cake recipe. It’s that authentic.
DarrickAthens, TN