Wild Baker Barn Gingerbread Kit, 1-Count Packages

This is a gingerbread barn kit. The cookies are pre-baked, the icing is pre-mixed and all candies to decorate are included.

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Waste of Money!

We bought this kit because we thought it would be cute. I never buy a kit without assuming the pieces will be cheap, but this surpassed my imagination. Their “decorating bags” are cheap plastic bags, even though they give you professional tips (you can’t screw a tip onto a plastic bag). The result is a mess- frosting leaking from around the tip, and the seams on the bag break. Even if it hadn’t leaked, I don’t think there would have been enough frosting to do the whole barn, but I lost a lot of it due to leakage. From there, the gingerbread was too soft to hold up- the roof pieces buckled and the walls cracked. Normally a gingerbread piece has trouble holding together due to the frosting- in this case, it was the gingerbread.

Then, my family decided to call it a loss and just eat the mess we’d made. Only we couldn’t do that either. The frosting was gross- not sweet, but very sticky, and the gingerbread was flavorless. We threw the whole thing out. I have permanently red-stained hands from the frosting leaking everywhere, so I look like I slaughtered an animal, and I have no gingerbread. Very upsetting. I’ll never buy a kit again.

MarlynCutler, IN

Very poorly made

The pieces do not fit well together creating a mess when trying to glue using the frosting. The frosting and bag were difficult to squeeze. I finally gave up and threw it away.
LubaBlack River Falls, WI

The worst gingerbread kit ever

If I could give this zero stars I would. The gingerbread is too soft, and it was impossible to get the thing to stick together, even though we propped it up with toothpicks. An hour after it was decorated and the frosting should have been dry, the whole thing just collapsed on itself. It was comical. Don’t waste your money!!
PiedadYosemite, KY