Wild Baker Farm Animal Decorated Cookies Tray

Individually wrapped decorated butter cookie.

Quick facts

  • Decorated shortbread cookies.
  • 6-cows, 6-pigs, 6-chickens, 6-lambs.
  • Individually wrapped cookies.
  • Kosher cookies.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews

Disgusting and HARD!

I ordered these cookies for my son’s 1st birthday thinking they would be as cute as the picture. Unfortunately the first two cookies on the tray looked decent but as I started to look at the rest of them, they were AWFUL. I think a 3 year old could have decorated these cookies better. Some of them had runs of black icing everywhere and one even had missing eyeballs. I’m not sure, but I think a machine must be used to decorate these because I cant imagine someone hand decorating these this bad and letting them go out for sale. Now I know why they dont even show the lamb or chicken…..they are so ugly! Not only did they look awful, they tasted awful. They were hard as a rock and the flavor was not good at all. Dont waste your money on these.
LavernKilauea, HI