Wild Bills Original, 36-Count, 15-Ounce

From the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country comes the finest in beef jerky. Wild Bill’s Foods started as a local butcher shop in 1955 serving the local farm folks. Today the same quality and care goes into every product we make, weather it’s for the local folks or for jerky lovers around the world. Wild Bill’s snacks continue to have the highest quality and finest taste appeal available on the market. You won’t find meat by-products added to our jerky. Our standards of quality and our continuous research and development have positioned us at the top of the specialty meat snack market.

Quick facts

  • 36 Individual Pieces
  • Same Jerky you find in our Famous Mason Jars
  • 97% Fat Free
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews


This jerky was a terrible gift and even the dog can’t chew through it. Will not be reordering this item.
KamalaSpencer, NY

Just OK, at best

I agree the jerky is way too salty and it has an unusual flavor. The package says hickory, but I have no idea what it is. I will try another brand next time.
VellaSwanquarter, NC


This jerky is okay at best unless you’re salt fanatic. I’m a heavy salter, but this stuff is over the top…
KareyHanna City, IL

The seller is right!! This beef jerky IS nothing but the best!

I was reluctant to order beef jerky online but did anyway and to my surprise it was shipped and received on time and the quality and freshness of the beef jerky was excellent!

Thank you Nothing but the Best!

MarilynEttrick, WI

Not what I thought

Okay, so call me stupid, but I was searching for small packs of jerky for lunch snacks and saw this one advertised as 36 count. I actually thought I was going to get 36 individual oz or less packages of beef jerky. Imagine my surprise when I got one 15oz package (not even a pound) for $36 plus shipping. I hope the taste and texture is worth it!
RocioFackler, AL

Better than anything you’ve ever had

The beef jerky you get at the store, the stuff you see advertised on TV, is nothing compared to this. I’ll never buy that crap again. I hate the sugary taste of that jerky with its sometimes squishy texture. This is salty, slightly spicy, sink your teeth into, beefy goodness; just like jerky should be. My only regret is that it is actually MORE expensive online than in my hometown in PA. Regardless, the price is a drawback because it is likely this package will disappear quickly, especially with a family, but quite possibly by yourself. Can’t stop at one piece! Try this jerky and you will judge all others by it.
CasandraFortescue, NJ

great stuff

Wild bills beef jerky is the very good and worth the money but you can get it from the wild bills website for $25.00.
SaranGoshen, IN

One of my favorits

Item was fresh, and actually arrived a day early. The beef jerky is not as salty as some of the people state. Way better than anything you’ll buy in the stores.
JenelleMarshville, NC


Growing up in a small town in PA, I remember going to our gas station and buying this jerkey out of the jar. I loved the stuff. Years ago I moved away and couldnt find it anymore.I craved this stuff so one day I looked it up on Amazon and to my suprise I found it. I quickly ordered it and patiently waited for it(so very hard). It arrived one day early…I was like a little kid in a candy store. I think I ate the whole bag in less than a week..lol Just as I remembered!!! Thank you Amazon!!
ArnitaMacomb, MI

Best. Jerky. Ever.

Wild Bill’s Jerky is the best out there, and this – what I call their flagship jerky – is excellent. Great salt, great snap, great flavor. I’ve literally eaten the whole bag in one sitting. I’m sure all that sodium is probably not so good for me, but this jerky is simply divine.
PaulettaHebron, NH

Real Deal Beef Jerky

In the northeast it’s pretty easy to find this stuff in gas-stations and convenience stores, so if you’re just looking to sample this stuff I’d try there first; but once you know you love this stuff the deal on amazon is pretty good. I eat this stuff a stick at a time, so I was a little nervous about ordering so much, but I just put it in zip lock bags and it kept just fine for 60 days or so.

Taste-wise this stuff gets a 9/10 for me.
Quality is 9/10 as well.
Spiciness (I like spicy jerky) is only a 4/10.

JeffereyReelsville, IN

Great Jerky

I love this jerky. I ate this same kind when I was a child. Found this on Amazon and ordered a bag. It was as good as before. I would suggest this product.
DoriaCampbellsburg, KY