Wild Mountain Blackberries –

Little Wild Blackberries are handpicked in the Cascade Mountains here in the Great Pacific Northwest. A delicious wild berry that makes the best cobbler you will eat. Our tiny wild mountain blackberries possess a unique tartness and sweet flavor unsurpassed by any other blackberry in the world. Our frozen wild blackberries have tiny seeds unnoticeable compared to other blackberries. These are not the wild blackberries that grow on tall bushes in your backyard. The tart, intense flavor and small size of this native wild blackberry makes it perfect for classic Northwest desserts and preserves. Try these delicious, healthy blackberries today. Shipped Frozen.

Quick facts

  • Wild Trailing blackberries make the best pie ever
  • Harvested in the Mountains of the Northwest
  • Extremely rich in Antioxidants
  • Raw wild berries are pesticide free
  • Grow naturally organic

Top reviews

The best pie ever!!!!

You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a pie made with little wild mountain blackberries. Definitely worth every penny! A treat for a special occasion. Perfect with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm…good for a 4th of July treat too. My family has lived in the Pacific Northwest since the late 1800s and these blackberries have always been prized by loggers in the region. The patches are extremely hard to find now…don’t mistake them for the big, seedy domestic blackberries that grow everywhere. These are tart and delicious.
TawandaCedar Springs, GA

Wild Blackberries

My stepdad loved the berries. A little bit expensive to ship them; but for a birthday gift, they were very much appreciated.
ColeneErie, CO